• Polish wine for sale at summer festival
  • Grapes at Jasiel winery in Jaslo, Poland
  • Poland Culinary Vacations guests visiting Adoria vineyard in Lower Silesia region of Poland
  • Delicious food shared with Poland Culinary Vacations guests in Gronkow village, Podhale, Poland.
  • Krakow Market Square, Poland.
  • Oscypki sheep cheese sold at Zakopane, Poland open market
  • Poland Culinary Vacations guests cooking in Obidowa village, Podhale, Poland.
  • Poland Culinary Vacations guests at the Culinary Institute in Cracow, Poland.
  • Chicken livers with apples from Wesele restaurant in Krakow, Poland.
  • Musicians playing for visitors heading on their rafting trip at Pieninski National Park.
  • Poland Culinary Vacations guests having lunch in Gronkow village, Podhale, Poland.
  • Poland Culinary Vacation guests rafting on Dunajec river in Pieninski National Park, Poland.
  • Boleslawiec Polish pottery from Lower Silesia region of Poland.
  • Modern Polish cuisine from Ancora restaurant in Krakow, Poland.
  • Poland Culinary Vacations guests posing in traditional costumes in Dlugopole village, Podhale, Poland.
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Archive for July, 2009


Thursday, July 23rd, 2009

Wojanow Palace - Historic Hotel of Poland

Wojanow Palace - Historic Hotel of Poland

On my travels to Poland I always make an effort to stay at a historic hotel instead a chain hotel. In fact, many of our countryside stays during cooking vacations in Poland include four nights at a romantic, one-of-a-kind palace, castle or manor. That’s where you can truly experience luxurious accommodations, exceptional regional cuisine and legendary Polish hospitality. I recently interviewed Krzysztof Kaniewski – the Secretary and member of the management team of the Historic Hotels of Poland (HHP) Association based in Warsaw, Poland. He handles daily operations, public relations, new membership drives, meeting arrangements etc. on behalf of this outstanding association. Here’s the interview:

1) How long has Historic Hotel of Poland Association (HHP) been operating?
Historic Hotels of Poland Association (HHP) was founded in April 2008. My wife Barbara and I invited 15 owners of historic hotels from across Poland to Staniszow Palace in the Lower Silesia region for an April 15th, 2008 meeting. It was after that meeting that the association was founded and officially registered in court in June, 2008. Since October, 2008 HHP has been a prestigious member of the Historic Hotels of Europe www.historichotelsofeurope.com of which Historic Hotels of America is also an affiliate.

2) How many hotels are currently part of HHP association?
We started out with 15 hotels, today, after a year in operation, association has 30 facilities and has, despite the economic crisis, been flourishing mainly because of addition of new facilities in palaces and manors where renovations started a year or two ago, and are being finished today.

3) What are the requirements to join HHP?
Requirements include: enrollment in the Register of Historic Monuments, high level of customer service, overall aesthetics etc. To become a member of HHP, a facility also has to receive a recommendation from one existing member; and final decision to grant membership belongs to at least two members of the association’s management team, after touring the facility.

4) Are HHPs mostly privately/family owned?
All of our facilities are privately owned however, in the statute we don’t require that. But, as life has showed us explicitly, what’s private is good, and what’s government owned (luckily, less and less) unfortunately looses class. We also have two instances where inheritance of family estate occurred: Palace Hotel in Kurozweki is being run by Prince Marcin Popiel, and Palace in Palczewo by Michal Dembinski.

5) What do participating hotels offer clients that they normally wouldn’t get while saying at non-HHPs?
Specific atmosphere, often (however, not always) interiors decorated with antiques, fabulous cuisine, facilities surrounded by parks with old interesting trees and shrubs, and as a result offering romantic and quiet places for relaxation, corporate trainings, weddings….

7) What kind of cuisine is offered at participating HHPs?
Of course Polish cuisine with elements of regional cuisine however, often menus don’t lack dishes from international cuisine. Owners of our biggest facilities make a special effort to hire distinguished Polish chefs because they know that excellent cuisine attracts more guests.

8)What kind of activities are offered besides the accommodations at HHPs?
Many of our upper tier facilities offer professional SPA centers (Palace Mierzecin, Castle on the Rock, Wojanow, Klekotki Mill, Castle Ryn…) with swimming pools. Many have their own horse stables (Palace Galiny, Palace Mierzecin, Kurozweki…). Bikes are available as well as boats, tennis courts, soccer fields, archery target shooting, running trails and ski slopes nearby…

Jaworowy Country Manor - Historic Hotel of Poland

Jaworowy Country Manor - Historic Hotel of Poland

Galiny Palace Complex - Historic Hotel of Poland

Galiny Palace Complex - Historic Hotel of Poland

Kosciuszko Manor - Historic Hotel of Poland

Kosciuszko Manor - Historic Hotel of Poland

Krzysztof Kaniewski can be contacted via email at: info@hhpolska.com

Barbara Kaniewska is the author of several historic hotels guide books, for example: “Culinary guide to historic monuments/places” published by “Globalna Wioska”, or “Poland – Nights in historic monuments/places” published by “MUZA” and many articles published in Rzeczpospolita Polish newspaper; also text about Americans: “What and where does President Obama eat?” or about ribs in restaurant Lawrys in Chicago.

Historic Hotels of Poland can be found online at: www.hhpolska.com  / www.hhpoland.com

When on their website don’t forget to sign up for a 10% rebate card on accommodations & dining at participating hotels.

Culinary & Cultural Events in Poland – 2009 Calendar

Tuesday, July 21st, 2009

Regional dishes on display at Highlander's Fare Contest

Regional dishes on display at Highlander's Fare Contest

If you’re heading to Krakow and Wroclaw, Poland this August and September, plan to attend culinary, cultural and harvest festivals in those two cities as well as surrounding areas. You’ll taste great regional food and get to sing and dance with the locals. What a treat!



Oscypek and All Cheeses Festival – A celebration of all cheeses festival –  8 & 9 August 2009 in Zakopane,  Lesser Poland region

Pierogi Festival – Polish stuffed dumplings festival – 14, 15, 16 August 2009 – location: Maly Rynek square in Krakow, Lesser Poland region

XLIII Sabalowe Bajania – Annual festival of the local folklore -12 – 16 August 2009 in Bukowina Tatrzanska, Lesser Poland region

The International Highland Folk Festival – Highlanders from all over the world descend on Zakopane – 21 – 28 August, 2009 – Zakopane, Lesser Poland region

Fair of Folk Art – Buy and learn how to make handicrafts, folk bands performances – 21 – 30 August, 2009 – Main Square, Krakow in Lesser Poland region

Malopolska Taste Festival – Grand finale – 29 & 30 August 2009 – location: Plac Wolnica, Kazimierz district, Krakow in Lesser Poland region 
Ceramics Festival in Boleslawiec – Boleslawiec Polish pottery festival – 19  – 23 August 2009 – Boleslawiec, Lower Silesia region
VII Lower Silesia Soup Festival – 23 August 2009  – Jedlina Zdroj, Lower Silesia region 
XIII International Bread Fair – Polish Baker of the Year competition and more – 28 -30 August, 2009 – Jawor, Lower Silesia region
Flour Fest – Breads  and  sweets on display – 30 August 2009 – Botanical Garden in Wroclaw, Lower Silesia region
Polish-Czech Harvest Festival – 30 August 2009 – Lawica village, Klodzko Commune in Lower Silesia region

Decorative wreaths on display at a Lower Silesia harvest festival

Decorative wreaths on display at a Lower Silesia harvest festival


Krakow Honey Harvest – XVI Bee-keepers festival – 4 – 6 September 2009 – Plac Wolnica, Kazimierz district, Krakow in Lesser Poland region
X Bean Day Celebration – 12 & 13 September, 2009 – Zakliczyn, Lesser Poland region
 Jelenia Gora Fair – 5 & 6 September, 2009 – Jelenia Gora, Lower Silesia region
IX International Bee-keepers Fair – 5 & 6 September, 2009  – Jelenia Gora, Lower Silesia region
Potato Day Celebration – 19 September, 2009  – Pstrazna, Lower Silesia region
Wine Day Celebration in the Treasure City – 12 & 13 September, 2009 – Sroda Slaska, Lower Silesia region

Looking for fun things to do in Krakow this summer?

Monday, July 20th, 2009

If you are traveling to Poland or already are in Poland and don’t have time for our week-long cooking vacations, we also offer one-day cooking classes in cooperation with The Culinary Institute in Cracow, in the Lesser Poland region. Hands-on cooking classes are typically four hours long and include preparation of a three course Polish meal with drinks. The recipes will be decided shortly before the start of the class based upon the freshest seasonal ingredients available at the time. Classes culminate in a tasting of all the dishes prepared in class. Sometimes visits and shopping at the food markets are also included where you can savor the flavors of fresh local produce and authentic local life.  To book your cooking class in Cracow please follow this link: http://www.polandculinaryvacations.com/day_classes.php

The Culinary Institute in Cracow

The Culinary Institute in Cracow


Friday, July 17th, 2009

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