• Polish wine for sale at summer festival
  • Grapes at Jasiel winery in Jaslo, Poland
  • Poland Culinary Vacations guests visiting Adoria vineyard in Lower Silesia region of Poland
  • Delicious food shared with Poland Culinary Vacations guests in Gronkow village, Podhale, Poland.
  • Krakow Market Square, Poland.
  • Oscypki sheep cheese sold at Zakopane, Poland open market
  • Poland Culinary Vacations guests cooking in Obidowa village, Podhale, Poland.
  • Poland Culinary Vacations guests at the Culinary Institute in Cracow, Poland.
  • Chicken livers with apples from Wesele restaurant in Krakow, Poland.
  • Musicians playing for visitors heading on their rafting trip at Pieninski National Park.
  • Poland Culinary Vacations guests having lunch in Gronkow village, Podhale, Poland.
  • Poland Culinary Vacation guests rafting on Dunajec river in Pieninski National Park, Poland.
  • Boleslawiec Polish pottery from Lower Silesia region of Poland.
  • Modern Polish cuisine from Ancora restaurant in Krakow, Poland.
  • Poland Culinary Vacations guests posing in traditional costumes in Dlugopole village, Podhale, Poland.
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What’s NEW this July 2017 at Poland Culinary Vacations?

Monday, July 31st, 2017

We’ve been traveling around Poland this summer to places like Poznan, Torun, Chelmno; tasting delicious regional foods and drinks and getting ideas on future culinary and cultural themed vacations for you! The weather has been perfect and we are very pleased with what’s happening in Poland on both culinary and cultural fronts. Follow our updates on social media and this blog as we’ll be sharing our photos from our summer travels around Poland.

Colorful Poznan Market Square, Poland

Colorful Poznan Market Square, Poland

Regional drink from Poznan, Poland

Regional drink from Poznan, Poland

Torun, Poland is famous for Copernicus and everything gingerbread!

Torun, Poland is famous for Copernicus and everything gingerbread!

Chelmno, Poland - the City of Lovers! The relics of St. Valentine can be found here at a local church.

Chelmno, Poland – the City of Lovers! The relics of St. Valentine can be found here at a local church.

The relics of St. Valentine in Chelmno, Poland - The City of Lovers!

The relics of St. Valentine in Chelmno, Poland – The City of Lovers!

🌲Thinking About Christmas in July? So Are We. 🌲🎅🎁 We have also launched a NEW trip for this December 2017, “The Magic of Christmas Markets in Poland 2017” – is OPEN FOR BOOKINGS! December 7 – 16, 2017 – 10 Days/9 Nights Christmas Markets Adventure in Warsaw, Poznan, Wroclaw, Zakopane and magical Krakow! Follow this link The Magic of Christmas Markets in Poland 2017 for more details and make your reservation on Poland Culinary Vacations website today because spaces will fill up FAST and we only take 15 guests! Plus, if you’re SOLO traveler, take advantage of NO SINGLE SUPPLEMENT only in 2017 as we Celebrate our 10th Anniversary!

Christmas Market in Wroclaw, Poland

Christmas Market in Wroclaw, Poland

Folk ornaments for purchase at Christmas Market in Krakow, Poland.

Folk ornaments for purchase at Christmas Market in Krakow, Poland.

International Ice Carving Festival in Poznan, Poland

International Ice Carving Festival in Poznan, Poland

We have also posted most of our NEW 2018 trips dates. You can choose from trips starting in May 2018 through September 2018 for spring and fall travel and again we’ll be offering our Christmas Markets trip in December 2018.

Wishing you fun summer and safe travels!

The Best Food Markets in Poland

Saturday, March 25th, 2017

From Krakow to Warsaw, Wroclaw and the Tri-City: Gdansk, Sopot, Gdynia, here are the best indoor/outdoor markets in these major Polish cities, where the locals shop for best quality, specialty products and fresh fish, meat and produce.

Hala Koszyki, Warsaw, Poland

Hala Koszyki, Warsaw, Poland

Hala Koszyki, Warsaw, Poland

Hala Koszyki, Warsaw, Poland


Address: ul. Koszykowa 63
Opening hours
Restaurants* and stores:
Monday – Saturday – 9:00a.m. – 9:00p.m.
Sunday: 9:00a.m. – 8:00p.m.
Some restaurants close at 1:00a.m, restaurant Ćma by Mateusz Gessler opened 24/7

Over a 100 years after it’s erection, Hala Koszyki came back to life in Warsaw on October 21, 2016. The “Koszyki” market hall, commonly called “People’s Bazaar” was built in 1906 – 1908 on Koszykowa Street in Warsaw. Hala Koszyki is the first and the only place of its kind in whole Poland. It currently hosts eighteen fabulous restaurant concepts, eleven fantastic groceries and service premises. Some of the best Warsaw restaurateurs and chefs work hard, everyday day, to prepare unique dishes in both Polish and international cuisines. Read more about Hala Koszyki’s history and all the wonderful attractions on their website and definitely make it a stop on your next visit to Warsaw!

Hala Mirowska, Warsaw, Poland

Hala Mirowska, Warsaw, Poland

2012CookingVacationsinPoland 105 (800x450)

Hala Mirowska, Warsaw, Poland


Address: Plac Mirowski 1
Opening hours:
Monday – Friday -7:00a.m. – 8.00p.m.
Saturday 7:00am – 6:00am

Mirowskie Halls were built between 1899-1901. Formerly the baroque pavilions were barracks of the Crown’s Mounted Guards. Mirowskie Halls, except for the walls, were almost entirely destroyed during Warsaw Uprising (bullet holes are still visible on the northern wall of one hall) and then rebuild after World War II.
The west hall, called Hala Mirowska, since 1997 has been owned by the company called “Społem”. The east hall, called Hala Gwardi, for many years served as a sports centre.
Nowadays, it’s “a heaven on earth” filled with fresh foods. People from Warsaw say that it’s worth coming here even from the farthest parts of the city. It’s not just about the fruit and vegetables, but great atmosphere and surroundings. The beautiful architecture makes this market a perfect place to shop and edmire. Here you can find all kinds of vendors – elderly ladies with fresh eggs and homemade jams, exotic stands with purple potatoes and kids selling wild blueberries they picked with their grandmothers in the morning.

Stary Kleparz Market, Krakow, Poland

Stary Kleparz Market, Krakow, Poland

Fresh beets sold at Stary Kleparz Market, Krakow, Poland

Fresh beets sold at Stary Kleparz Market, Krakow, Poland


Address: Rynek Kleparski
Opening hours:
Monday-Friday: 7.00a.m. – 7.00p.m.
Saturday 7.00a.m.-3p.m.

Do you know how to recognize real Cracovian? That’s the person that will always haggle over the price during shopping. That’s just the way things are here and there is no better place for that than Stary Kleparz and Hala Targowa. People have been shopping at Stary Kleparz since the 17th-century. Located in the center of the city, the place is always full of busy people – shouting sellers, gossiping ladies and shoppers exchanging recipes.
Sellers are nice, there are many choices of fresh products and the smell is seductive, guiding you through the entire market – from colorful stands with seasonal vegetables to the line for fresh milk and cottage cheese ( Polish cottage cheese is fabulous!). There is also a fish-stall with the best fresh fish in all of Cracow. It’s one of those places where shopping is a real pleasure. The best time for shopping is always in the morning before noon, later you might have problems with finding what you want. Many Cracow’s famous chefs shop here, too.

Hala Targowa, Wroclaw, Poland

Hala Targowa, Wroclaw, Poland

Dried mushrooms for sale at Hala Targowa, Wroclaw, Poland

Dried mushrooms for sale at Hala Targowa, Wroclaw, Poland


Address: Piaskowa Street 15
Opening hours:
Monday – Friday: 8.00a.m. – 7.00 p.m.
Saturdays: 9.00a.m. – 3.00p.m.

There is also something for fresh-food lovers in Wroclaw. Hala Targowa was build in 1908 and from that year on became a very popular place to buy fresh meat, fish, vegetables, sweets and flowers. There are also small shops with cosmetics, clothes, leather goods and jewerly on the upper floor. One can easily spend an entire morning browsing, tasting and experiencing this unique place. Make sure you bring your camera for an opportunity to take great pictures of fresh produce and people.

Hala Targowa in Gdynia, Poland

Hala Targowa in Gdynia, Poland

Hala Targowa in Gdynia, Poland

Hala Targowa in Gdynia, Poland


Address: Wojta Radtkiego 36/40
Opening hours:
Monday – Friday: 8.00a.m. – 6.00 p.m.
Saturdays: 8.00a.m. – 3.00p.m.

The Tricity in the Pomerania region of Poland refers to the cities of Gdansk, Sopot and Gdynia, all located on the Baltic Sea coast and only a few miles away from each other. Although Gdansk and Sopot have scores of wonderful attractions, Gdynia also has many charms and corners worth discovering and one of those is the famous Hala Targowa Gdynia – fresh food indoor/outdoor market.

For a local shopping experience visit these food markets on your next trip to Poland. Stops at the above mentioned markets and additional once are included on Poland Culinary Vacations itineraries. Smacznego! Enjoy!

Poland Culinary Vacations Celebrates 10th Anniversary in 2017!

Sunday, October 30th, 2016

10th Anniversary Celebration throughout 2017, reduced prices and exciting trips! Join us in Poland in 2017 and let’s celebrate together!

Poland Culinary Vacations Celebrates 10th Anniversary in 2017

Poland Culinary Vacations Celebrates 10th Anniversary in 2017

January 2017 will mark 10 YEARS since the launch of Poland Culinary Vacations. It’s been an exciting journey from the very beginning. The most exciting and rewarding part has been meeting and hosting our guests in Poland and knowing that they’re getting the most intimate, in-depth cultural and culinary travel experience while on their Poland Culinary Vacations!

EAT!Vancouver Festival - promoting Poland Culinary Vacations.

EAT!Vancouver Festival – promoting Poland Culinary Vacations

Throughout 2017 travel season, we will be offering SPECIAL, REDUCED PRICES on all 2017 trips as part of our 10th Anniversary Celebration. We’re taking $500 OFF PER PERSON and lifting the SINGLE SUPPLEMENT! So, if you’ve always wanted to join us on one of our trips, we hope that you’ll join us in 2017 and take advantage of the reduced prices!

Poland Culinary Vacations guests enjoying great food, drink and company

   Our guests enjoying great food, drink and company while in Poland

Please visit our website: www.PolandCulinaryVacations.com for all available 2017 dates and detailed trip itineraries. See you in beautiful and “delicious” Poland in 2017!

September 2016 Happenings Around Poland in Food and Wine.

Wednesday, August 31st, 2016

Heading to Poland this September? Are you looking to experience local food traditions and taste delectable artisan foods? If your answer is YES, then vacationing in Poland in September, during harvest season, is the best time to enjoy delicious food and drink. Here are numerous events planned around Poland in September celebrating food during harvest season:

Fresh foods on display at Polish festivals.

Fresh foods in Poland


XV Bean Day Celebration – 5 – 6 September, 2016 – Zakliczyn, Lesser Poland region

Charsznica Cabbage Days Celebrations – 12 September, 2016 – in Charsznica, Lesser Poland region

Potato Day Celebration – 19 September, 2016 – in Bogucin Duzy, Lesser Poland region

Home made canned foods sold at a Polish market

Home made canned foods sold at a Polish fresh food market


Mazovian Bread Festival – Annual best Mazovian breads and harvest festival – 13 September, 2016 – in Wegrow, Mazovia region

VIII Ecology Fair in Ostroleka – 20 September, 2016 – in Ostroleka, Mazovia region

Harvest Festival - Dozynkowy - bread.

Harvest Festival Bread – Chleb Dozynkowy 


Jelenia Gora Fair– 29 August – 30 August, 2016 – in Jelenia Gora, Lower Silesia region

XIV International Bee-Keepers Fair– 29 August & 30 August, 2016 – in Jelenia Gora, Lower Silesia region

Potato Day Celebration– 12 September, 2016 – in Pstrazna, Lower Silesia region

Wine Day Celebration in the Treasure City– 5 – 6 September, 2015 – in Sroda Slaska, Lower Silesia region

Wreaths and bread and harvest festival in Poland.

Traditional wreaths and bread and harvest festival in Poland


Forest People Mushroom Holiday – 12 September, 2016 in Bory Tucholskie, Osieczna, Pomerania region of Poland.

Cysterian Fair – 13 September, 2016 in Pelplin, Pomerania region of Poland.

Kashubian Singers Convention – 13 September, 2016 in Zukowo, Pomerania region of Poland.

Potato Harvest – 13 September, 2016 in Wdzydze Kiszewskie, Pomerania region of Poland.


Enjoy your time in Poland this September 2016!

August and September 2016 Will be Extraordinary in Poland!

Sunday, July 31st, 2016

If you’re a foodie and always on the lookout for new food experiences, there isn’t a better time to visit Poland than in August and/or September. Both months present unique and “delicious” culinary and cultural activities in various regions of Poland. Most focus on regional Polish foods and products but some mix international flavors making them even more desirable to attend.


Annual PIEROGI FESTIVAL in Krakow, Poland

Here are some festivals not to be missed where local and international flavors and culture are on full display every August and September in Poland:

PIEROGI FESTIVAL in Krakow, Poland – 11 – 15 August, 2016

THE FESTIVAL OF FLAVORS in Gruczno, Poland – 20 – 21 August, 2016

INTERNATIONAL WINE DAYS in Jaslo, Poland – 24 – 28 August, 2016

THE EUROPEAN FESTIVAL OF FLAVORS in Lublin, Poland – 3 – 11 September, 2016

For additional August & September, 2016 culinary and cultural activities please visit our EVENTS & FESTIVALS CALENDAR

Smacznego! Enjoy! Bon Appetit!

Food Travel in Poland On June 2016 Food Travel Talk TV

Thursday, June 30th, 2016

The most recent, June 2016 episode of Food Travel Talk TV was about Food Travel in Poland. The online program was moderated by Erik Wolf, Executive Director of World Food Travel Association based in Portland, Oregon. Erik recently visited Poland for the first time as a guest speaker at a special event devoted to the future of Food Tourism in Poland hosted by the University of Poznan. I am happy to report that he thoroughly enjoyed Poland and plans to visit again soon!

Watch and learn about all the exciting and “delicious” culinary happenings in Poland as Erik interviews me, Sarna Rose, Owner of Poland Culinary Vacations and Kasia Janiszewska, Association’s ambassador in Poland based in Olsztyn in the Mazuria region of Poland – north-east – also called “The Land of a Thousand Lakes.”

Enjoy, Like and Share the episode with your friends and family!

Discovering Malopolska Wine Trail – Poland

Monday, May 30th, 2016

In the process of researching our newest trip; “A SPA & Wine Vacation in Southern Poland & Krakow”, which launched back in 2015, we’ve discovered exciting developments on both the Malopolska (Lesser Poland) and Podkarpacka (Subcarpathian) Wine Trails! In this post, we’ll focus on Malopolska Wine Trail and next time we’ll introduce you to Podkarpacka Wine Trail.

Malopolska Wine Trail

Malopolska Wine Trail – Source: www.MalopolskiSzlakWinny.pl

For some time now, more and more wineries have been cropping up in Malopolska region and Malpolskie wines are gaining interest among wine critics and the public and have been winning medals at International Wine Contests. There are over 100 wineries in the region and growing. The 15 listed on the map above, already have or are very close, in obtaining necessary permits to sell their wines commercially.

Winnica Srebrna Gora Fot. Lukasz Sakiewicz

Winnica Srebrna Gora – Malopolska Wine Trail
Fot. Lukasz Sakiewicz

We are very excited about the ability to visit the select few Malopolskie wineries, taste their wines on-site; often paired with delicious regional food and meet the owners of these small and in most cases, family owned vineyards. The owners are very passionate and work very hard to bring us great tasting wines and shower us with their Polish hospitality!

More information about Malopolski Szlak Winny – Malopolska Wine Trail can be found on the dedicated website: Malopolski Szlak Winny – Malopolska Wine Trail Detailed information about viniculture in Malopolska is described, the soil and climate conditions, the variety of grapes grown and the style and character of wines produced. (The site is in Polish, so please use Translate function to get the text in your desired language).

Join us this fall, September 11-17, 2016 on “SPA & Wine Vacation in Southern Poland & Krakow” Click here for trip day-by-day itinerary!


Things To Do in Warsaw, Poland

Saturday, January 2nd, 2016

Warsaw, Poland’s capital city, located at the heart of Europe, is quickly staking claim as a visitors hot spot. What once was a hidden gem is now boasting 15 million tourists each year. Conveniently located just 300 kilometers from Krakow, Warsaw boasts an array of cultural and historical offerings, a unique atmosphere, and some of the most delectable food that can be found.

Old Town Warsaw, Poland

Old Town Warsaw, Poland

Founded in the fourteenth century, Warsaw was a late arrival on Poland’s map. It soon became a political and industrial hub, but was literally destroyed during World War ll. Warsaw’s rebirth after its destruction, is a tribute to the dedication of its people. The reconstruction of the historic center was finally complete in 1962.

When visiting the city, a walk around Old Town and a visit to the Historical Museum of Warsaw will give you a well rounded outline of the city’s history.

Warsaw siren

Warsaw mermaid – the symbol of Warsaw

Exploring Warsaw is a delight for the senses. The museums, art galleries, theatres and historical architecture will fulfill your cultural desires. The annual street festivals and many musical events will fill your itinerary with memorable experiences to take part in.

During the month of July, the annual Musical Gardens Festival is held in the Courtyard of the Warsaw Castle. The event includes art, Polish culture and dance, opera and ballet. Warsaw’s International Street Arts Festival is yet another annual event, which transforms Warsaw’s streets, parks and Old Towne Market Square into a stage for actors, dancers, musicians and artists.

If you are looking for an antique bazaar where authentic treasures abound, you may want to check out the Saturday and Sunday morning Kolo Bazaar on the corner of Obozowa and Ksiecia Janusza in Warsaw’s Wola district.

Chef at Belvedere restaurant in Warsaw at Sunday brunch

Chef at Belvedere restaurant in Warsaw at Sunday brunch

One of the best ways to become acquainted with an area is by partaking in its regional dishes, and Warsaw is no different. There are numerous authentic restaurants, where the combination of food and atmosphere will leave you blissfully satisfied.

In addition to Poland’s traditional cuisine, international restaurants abound. Flavors from France, Germany, Russia and Italy are available in Warsaw’s restaurants. There are also the many milk bars, which are characteristic to Poland, as well as the Vietnamese bars that are popular with Warsaw residents.

To view 2016 Poland Culinary Vacation to Warsaw “A Taste of Poland in Mazovia and Warsaw” Click here

See you in magnificent Warsaw in 2016!

Visit To Annual Pierogi Festival In Krakow Included In Your August Tour!

Saturday, August 29th, 2015

Once again, Poland Culinary Vacations guests attended the annual PIEROGI FESTIVAL in Maly Rynek, Krakow, Poland as part of their August “Cooking Your Way From Krakow to Zakopane” culinary and cultural vacation. Locals and travelers from all over the world enjoyed Polish pierogi, beer and regional “oscypki” cheese while visiting the festival. It was hot, colorful and delicious!

XIII Pierogi Festival in Krakow, Poland

XIII Pierogi Festival in Krakow, Poland

Unlike any other year, this year we witnessed just about every possible color of pierogi dough – and interesting fillings! Pierogi Festival in Krakow is not your average pierogi affair and offers both traditional and new, inventive creations in line with ever demanding and changing Polish tastes!

Delicious and colorful pierogi at XIII Pierogi Festival in Krakow, Poland

Delicious and colorful pierogi at XIII Pierogi Festival in Krakow, Poland

Colorful pierogi at the 2015 XIII Pierogi Festival in Krakow, Poland

More colorful pierogi at the 2015 XIII Pierogi Festival in Krakow, Poland

In the evening, guests could visit Pierogi Festival and listen to live entertainment on main stage while enjoying their pierogi!

During August, 2015 XIII Pierogi Festival, restaurant “Polskie Smaki” located at ul. św. Tomasza in Krakow won the statue of Casimir the Great, beloved Polish King, for their best pierogi according to the general public (all those real pierogi fans who voted!) It was the second time restaurant “Polskie Smaki” won at the Pierogi Festival! Congratulations!

Casimir the Great statue awarded for BEST PIEROGI by general public!

Casimir the Great statue awarded for BEST PIEROGI by general public!

The statue of św. Jack with Pierogi (an award granted by professional jury comprised of people in the gastronomy business, dietitians, culinary journalists and restaurateurs) went to “Magi” from Trzciany, for Pierożki Babci Władzi. It was first time “Magi” won at the festival. Congratulations!

Saint Jack statue awarded by professional for BEST PIEROGI at the annual Pierogi Festival in Krakow, Poland

Saint Jack statue awarded by professionals for BEST PIEROGI at the annual Pierogi Festival in Krakow, Poland

Total of 18 restaurants and catering businesses competed at the 2015 Pierogi Festival in Krakow. All participants received diplomas, general statues and practical gifts from local government and trade organizations sponsoring this spectacular culinary event in beautiful Krakow! Till next year!

To view Poland Culinary Vacations photo album from 2015 XIII Pierogi Festival in Krakow, Poland click here…

To view details of “Cooking Your Way From Krakow to Zakopane” tour & Pierogi Festival in Krakow, Poland click here…

Museum of Polish Vodka to Open in Warsaw in 2017! Na Zdrowie!

Wednesday, April 29th, 2015

This is going to be the most “cheerful” and original museum in the country. The opening is planned for mid 2017 in Warsaw’s, Praga North district. During a walk through the ages, visitors to the museum will be able to learn about the changing recipes, manufacturing techniques, places where the liquor was popular in the past and is most popular now.  Also, the cultural role of vodka will be shown, which appears in many literary works and films. Everyone will be able to explore the museum in his/her own way because it will be offered in a wide range of topics – herald the originators of this particular facility.

Koneser Polish vodka factory in Warsaw, Poland.

Koneser Polish vodka factory in Warsaw, Poland.

Museum will be located in Warsaw’s “Centrum Praskim Koneser”, on the grounds of an old Polish vodka factory “Koneser”. The logo was designed by artist Andrzej Pągowski. The concept of the exhibition, which assumes a combination of traditional methods of expositions and the latest multimedia solutions, was prepared by renowned architectural studio “Nizio Design International”.

Only professional museum curators were invited to help putting together Polish Vodka Museum’s exhibits, those who in the past few years participated in the creation of other permanent museum exhibits in the capital city and which are currently enjoying success and excellent reputation.

If you’re a vodka connoisseur and collector of Polish vodka memorabilia, you can also make a contribution to the new museum. Until the end of May, the Association of Polish Vodka is accepting exhibit pieces and recipes associated with vodka. In exchange, it is offering cash prizes.

Here is a list of exhibits sought:
1. Posters, advertisements, brochures related to the Polish vodka from the years 1900 – 1990.
2. Polish vodkas overseas advertising, with particular emphasis on brand Wyborowa, from the years 1900 – 1990.
3. Labels and bottles of Polish vodka pure, with particular emphasis on brand Wyborowa and luxurious, from the years 1900 – 1990.
4. Labels and bottles of Polish vodkas from the years 1900 – 1990.
5. Original book on the Polish vodka production technology dating from the eighteenth to the twentieth century.
6. The distillation columns – copper.
7. Photos and stories of Polish families in the distillery business.
8. Photos of parties and banquets, where it is visualized Polish vodka from the years 1900 to 1990.

To participate and donate pieces to the exhibit, please use an application form on “Facebook” – Museum of Polish Vodka, including a description of the item(s), its history and an image. All completed applications will be reviewed by the team working on museum exhibits and items will be chosen based on requirements specified in the application process. Additional option is to call in by telephone and send the photo by mail. Among the submitted applications the jury will select top three winners and award – a cash prize of 1000 zł to each, and remaining 10 participants will receive 200 zł each. The winners will be invited to the grand opening of the museum.

Bison Grass Polish Vodka

Bison Grass Polish Vodka

Polish vodka should be considered in terms of national treasure. Produced for more than 600 years in our land, inextricably inscribed in Polish history and customs. This top quality alcohol and one of the few Polish products recognizable and respected throughout the world. So we have reasons to be proud, and like other countries we should praise and promote our national drink. Therefore, we invite all Poles to contribute a “brick” to the Museum of Polish Vodka, the first and only such institution in the world – says Andrzej Szumowski , president of the Association of Polish Vodka, Patron of the museum.
He also points out that … the Museum of Polish Vodka is the place for every brand of vodka which meets the requirements of the amended definition of Polish vodka, which came into force on 13 January 2013. They are clear – for a vodka to be able to use the geographical indication “Polska Wodka / Polish Vodka” it must be produced with raw materials of Polish origin, traditional Polish grains: wheat, rye, oats, barley, triticale, or potatoes, and the entire processing must be carried out on Polish territory.  

Museum, located in Warsaw’s Praga North, in the post-industrial red-brick buildings, where for many years Warsaw’s “Koneser” Vodka Distillery operated, will become a new, attractive point on the cultural map of the capital, and above all a place reminiscent to Poles and educational for foreign tourists where they will learn what is so unique about Polish vodka and what distinguishes it from other spirits of this kind.

Source: Reprinted with permission from Potrawy Regionalne http://www.potrawyregionalne.pl/152,8537,MUZEM_POLSKIEJ____WODKI_.htm

Szczesliwej Podrozy i Smacznego! (Happy Travels & Bon Appétit!)
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