• Polish wine for sale at summer festival
  • Grapes at Jasiel winery in Jaslo, Poland
  • Poland Culinary Vacations guests visiting Adoria vineyard in Lower Silesia region of Poland
  • Delicious food shared with Poland Culinary Vacations guests in Gronkow village, Podhale, Poland.
  • Krakow Market Square, Poland.
  • Oscypki sheep cheese sold at Zakopane, Poland open market
  • Poland Culinary Vacations guests cooking in Obidowa village, Podhale, Poland.
  • Poland Culinary Vacations guests at the Culinary Institute in Cracow, Poland.
  • Chicken livers with apples from Wesele restaurant in Krakow, Poland.
  • Musicians playing for visitors heading on their rafting trip at Pieninski National Park.
  • Poland Culinary Vacations guests having lunch in Gronkow village, Podhale, Poland.
  • Poland Culinary Vacation guests rafting on Dunajec river in Pieninski National Park, Poland.
  • Boleslawiec Polish pottery from Lower Silesia region of Poland.
  • Modern Polish cuisine from Ancora restaurant in Krakow, Poland.
  • Poland Culinary Vacations guests posing in traditional costumes in Dlugopole village, Podhale, Poland.
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August and September 2016 Will be Extraordinary in Poland!

July 31st, 2016

If you’re a foodie and always on the lookout for new food experiences, there isn’t a better time to visit Poland than in August and/or September. Both months present unique and “delicious” culinary and cultural activities in various regions of Poland. Most focus on regional Polish foods and products but some mix international flavors making them even more desirable to attend.


Annual PIEROGI FESTIVAL in Krakow, Poland

Here are some festivals not to be missed where local and international flavors and culture are on full display every August and September in Poland:

PIEROGI FESTIVAL in Krakow, Poland – 11 – 15 August, 2016

THE FESTIVAL OF FLAVORS in Gruczno, Poland – 20 – 21 August, 2016

INTERNATIONAL WINE DAYS in Jaslo, Poland – 24 – 28 August, 2016

THE EUROPEAN FESTIVAL OF FLAVORS in Lublin, Poland – 3 – 11 September, 2016

For additional August & September, 2016 culinary and cultural activities please visit our EVENTS & FESTIVALS CALENDAR

Smacznego! Enjoy! Bon Appetit!

Food Travel in Poland On June 2016 Food Travel Talk TV

June 30th, 2016

The most recent, June 2016 episode of Food Travel Talk TV was about Food Travel in Poland. The online program was moderated by Erik Wolf, Executive Director of World Food Travel Association based in Portland, Oregon. Erik recently visited Poland for the first time as a guest speaker at a special event devoted to the future of Food Tourism in Poland hosted by the University of Poznan. I am happy to report that he thoroughly enjoyed Poland and plans to visit again soon!

Watch and learn about all the exciting and “delicious” culinary happenings in Poland as Erik interviews me, Sarna Rose, Owner of Poland Culinary Vacations and Kasia Janiszewska, Association’s ambassador in Poland based in Olsztyn in the Mazuria region of Poland – north-east – also called “The Land of a Thousand Lakes.”

Enjoy, Like and Share the episode with your friends and family!

Discovering Malopolska Wine Trail – Poland

May 30th, 2016

In the process of researching our newest trip; “A SPA & Wine Vacation in Southern Poland & Krakow”, which launched back in 2015, we’ve discovered exciting developments on both the Malopolska (Lesser Poland) and Podkarpacka (Subcarpathian) Wine Trails! In this post, we’ll focus on Malopolska Wine Trail and next time we’ll introduce you to Podkarpacka Wine Trail.

Malopolska Wine Trail

Malopolska Wine Trail – Source: www.MalopolskiSzlakWinny.pl

For some time now, more and more wineries have been cropping up in Malopolska region and Malpolskie wines are gaining interest among wine critics and the public and have been winning medals at International Wine Contests. There are over 100 wineries in the region and growing. The 15 listed on the map above, already have or are very close, in obtaining necessary permits to sell their wines commercially.

Winnica Srebrna Gora Fot. Lukasz Sakiewicz

Winnica Srebrna Gora – Malopolska Wine Trail
Fot. Lukasz Sakiewicz

We are very excited about the ability to visit the select few Malopolskie wineries, taste their wines on-site; often paired with delicious regional food and meet the owners of these small and in most cases, family owned vineyards. The owners are very passionate and work very hard to bring us great tasting wines and shower us with their Polish hospitality!

More information about Malopolski Szlak Winny – Malopolska Wine Trail can be found on the dedicated website: Malopolski Szlak Winny – Malopolska Wine Trail Detailed information about viniculture in Malopolska is described, the soil and climate conditions, the variety of grapes grown and the style and character of wines produced. (The site is in Polish, so please use Translate function to get the text in your desired language).

Join us this fall, September 11-17, 2016 on “SPA & Wine Vacation in Southern Poland & Krakow” Click here for trip day-by-day itinerary!


2016 Michelin Guide Recommended Restaurants in Warsaw & Cracow, Poland.

April 4th, 2016

A total of 52 restaurants have been recognized by the Michelin Guide for 2016 in Poland: 28 (up 4 on 2015) in Warsaw and 24 (up 3 on 2015) in Cracow. Atelier Amaro restaurant in Warsaw specializing in seasonal Polish cuisine held on to it’s one-star for the third year! A new restaurant, Senses, also based in Warsaw received one-start this year making it the second restaurant in the country to hold the esteemed distinction. Senses restaurant describes itself as “combining modern cooking techniques with classic Polish and international traditions.”

Chef at Belvedere restaurant in Warsaw, Poland.

Chef at Belvedere restaurant in Warsaw, Poland.

The rest received anywhere from one “fork and spoon” designation to four; two Warsaw restaurants received Bib Gourmand mark and a NEW for 2016, Zazie restaurant in Cracow also received Bib Gourmand mark by offering “exceptional good food at moderate prices”.

Excited to point out that four restaurants on Poland Culinary Vacations itineraries are recommended in the 2016 Michelin Guide: Ale Gloria, U Fukiera, Belvedere and U Kucharzy in Warsaw.

WARSAW 2016 Michelin Guide Recommended Restaurants 

Atelier Amaro – * Michelin Star
Senses – * Michelin Star
Amber Room
Michel Moran – Bistro de Paris
Tamka 43
Platter by Karol Okrasa
Brasserie Warszawska – Bib Gourmand
Strefa – NEW for 2016
Dom Polski Francuska
Dom Polski Belwederska – NEW for 2016
U Kucharzy – NEW for 2016
Concept 13
U Fukiera
La Rotisserie
Butchery and Wine – Bib Gourmand
L’enfant terrible – NEW for 2016
Opasly Tom – NEW for 2016
Dom Wodki – NEW for 2016
Hoza – NEW for 2016
Merliniego 5
Qchnia Artystyczna

CRACOW 2016 Michelin Guide Recommended Restaurants

Trzy Rybki
Kogel Mogel
Pod Baranem
Amarylis – NEW for 2016
Cyrano de Bergerac
Studio Qulinarne
Szara Kazimierz
Pod Nosem – NEW for 2016
La Campana
Ed Red
Del Papa
Bottiglieria 1881 – NEW for 2016
Zazie – NEW for 2016 – Bib Gourmand
Miodova – NEW for 2016
Hana Shusi – NEW for 2016

Smacznego! – Enjoy! – Bon Appétit!

New Attractions In Gdansk and Gdynia, Poland Not To Be Missed On Your Next Visit!

February 24th, 2016

The newly opened European Solidarity Center in Gdansk and Emigration Museum in Gdynia, Poland have been added to our sightseeing itinerary during “Coastal Cooking in Pomerania and Gdansk” cultural and culinary vacation in northern Poland, on the Baltic Sea coast.

Emigration Museum in Gdynia, Poland

Emigration Museum in Gdynia, Poland

European Solidarity Center in Gdansk, Poland

View Power Point presentation about both attractions and make sure you visit these special places on your next vacation to Gdansk and Gdynia, Poland.

EmigrationMuseumSolidarityCenter – Power Point Presentation

You can join us on “Coastal Cooking in Pomerania and Gdansk” trip this June 19 – 25, 2016 where we’ll tour the Emigration Museum in Gdynia and European Solidarity in Gdansk on our small group excursion.

See you in Poland this summer!

Things To Do in Warsaw, Poland

January 2nd, 2016

Warsaw, Poland’s capital city, located at the heart of Europe, is quickly staking claim as a visitors hot spot. What once was a hidden gem is now boasting 15 million tourists each year. Conveniently located just 300 kilometers from Krakow, Warsaw boasts an array of cultural and historical offerings, a unique atmosphere, and some of the most delectable food that can be found.

Old Town Warsaw, Poland

Old Town Warsaw, Poland

Founded in the fourteenth century, Warsaw was a late arrival on Poland’s map. It soon became a political and industrial hub, but was literally destroyed during World War ll. Warsaw’s rebirth after its destruction, is a tribute to the dedication of its people. The reconstruction of the historic center was finally complete in 1962.

When visiting the city, a walk around Old Town and a visit to the Historical Museum of Warsaw will give you a well rounded outline of the city’s history.

Warsaw siren

Warsaw mermaid – the symbol of Warsaw

Exploring Warsaw is a delight for the senses. The museums, art galleries, theatres and historical architecture will fulfill your cultural desires. The annual street festivals and many musical events will fill your itinerary with memorable experiences to take part in.

During the month of July, the annual Musical Gardens Festival is held in the Courtyard of the Warsaw Castle. The event includes art, Polish culture and dance, opera and ballet. Warsaw’s International Street Arts Festival is yet another annual event, which transforms Warsaw’s streets, parks and Old Towne Market Square into a stage for actors, dancers, musicians and artists.

If you are looking for an antique bazaar where authentic treasures abound, you may want to check out the Saturday and Sunday morning Kolo Bazaar on the corner of Obozowa and Ksiecia Janusza in Warsaw’s Wola district.

Chef at Belvedere restaurant in Warsaw at Sunday brunch

Chef at Belvedere restaurant in Warsaw at Sunday brunch

One of the best ways to become acquainted with an area is by partaking in its regional dishes, and Warsaw is no different. There are numerous authentic restaurants, where the combination of food and atmosphere will leave you blissfully satisfied.

In addition to Poland’s traditional cuisine, international restaurants abound. Flavors from France, Germany, Russia and Italy are available in Warsaw’s restaurants. There are also the many milk bars, which are characteristic to Poland, as well as the Vietnamese bars that are popular with Warsaw residents.

To view 2016 Poland Culinary Vacation to Warsaw “A Taste of Poland in Mazovia and Warsaw” Click here

See you in magnificent Warsaw in 2016!

Things To Do in Wroclaw, Poland

November 30th, 2015

Wroclaw, the capital of Lower Silesia, is located in south-western Poland. Sometimes referred to as the Venice of Poland because of its numerous waterways, Wroclaw is uniquely situated on twelve islands interconnected by over one hundred bridges. A multicultural metropolis rich in history and charm has caused many to consider the area to be one of Eastern Europe’s most beautiful cities.

Beautiful Wroclaw Market Square

Wroclaw is one of the oldest cities in Poland, with history dating back all the way to the year 1000. After suffering a substantial damage in 1945 as a result of World War II, Wroclaw was rebuild to become the breathtaking city it is today. Its rich history plays a large role in the cultural diversity seen throughout the area today.

Wroclaw gnome

Wroclaw gnome

When it comes to things to do in Wroclaw, there certainly is no shortage. While in Wroclaw, visitors can experience the flavors of the world, with excellent cuisine from Poland, Russia, Italy, France, and Germany. The city is sure to please beer lovers as well, since many bars and pubs in the area serve Polish beer alongside independently brewed beers.

The Market Square in Wroclaw offers some of the most wonderful restaurants and bars of the city. Many of the unique and architecturally beautiful hotels in the area are well known specifically for their restaurants and the chefs who create their masterpieces.

Outdoor dining on Wroclaw Market Square

In September there are two exciting events that attract thousands of people every year. Wroclaw’s Kitchens and the World Cookery Book Fair are both amazing culinary festivals that welcome everyone to participate.
Home to Hala Ludowa, or the Centennial Hall, one of the UNESCO World Heritage sites, Wroclaw offers an easy way to combine both culinary and cultural wonder so visitors can indulge in amazing food and architectural wonders at the same time.

Waterways of Wroclaw, Poland

A Japanese Garden filled with lush greenery also resides in the city. Set up in 1913 by count Fritz von Hochberg, it is a place of beauty that is well worth the visit. Wroclaw is also home to the Botanical Garden located in the oldest district of the city. Over 7,000 different plant species are featured there.
Nine museums, several theaters and music centers will satisfy your craving for history and culture. In fact, for 2016 Wroclaw has been designated the European Capital of Culture! Wroclaw is definitely a city where one will never be left looking for something to do.

To view 2016 Poland Culinary Vacation to Wroclaw which also includes visit to the annual Polish Pottery Festival in Boleslawiec Click here

See you in beautiful Wroclaw in 2016!

Things To Do in Krakow, Poland

October 19th, 2015

Krakow was Poland’s capital city until the end of the sixteenth century when Warsaw was deemed the country’s new capital. Krakow’s rich cultural history is on display in Gothic and Baroque architecture visible at every turn. Art galleries, museums, and theatres abound. Its close proximity to neighboring capitals and access to art and entertainment make it Central Europe’s cultural heart. In fact, in 1978, Krakow’s Old Town locals know as the Stare Miasto was inscribed as a World Heritage site by the UN’s Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization (UNESCO).

Beautiful UNESCO Krakow Market Square

Beautiful UNESCO Krakow Market Square

Krakow balances an intellectually and visually stimulating environment with a vibrant nightlife, attributable in large measure to the thousands of students and teachers who flock to its 18 universities. Known all over Europe for its trendy spots, hidden hangouts, and sumptuous restaurants, Stare Miasto has the highest density of bars and pubs of any World Heritage Site. Political and historical debate over a couple of glasses of Zywiec, Zubr, or Tyskie, polskie piwo (Polish beer) served in these ubiquitous pubs and cafes might just be the citizenry’s favorite pastime.
Krakow’s visitors can best appreciate Poland’s heart and soul by opening its kitchen door and sampling its cookery. Its easy to see how Krakow earned a well-deserved reputation as Poland’s food capital. Residents earnestly embrace every occasion with fantastic cooking. Since 2004 when Poland joined the European Union, international cuisine offerings have steadily increased in Krakow along with the number of foreigners and tourists. Dining rooms in its one-of-a-kind hotels offer outstanding cuisine.

Polish oscypek is often grilled and served with cranberries

Polish oscypek cheese available grilled at a festival in Krakow

Can you imagine eating at a restaurant in business passing on the Polish passion for food to countless generations for nearly seven centuries? Krakow has one. Frequent weekend-long outdoor food festivals highlighting food producers and restaurateurs’ favorite dishes delight locals and visitors alike. May’s Soup Festival and the mid-August Pierogi Fest have achieved great popularity. With free samples, displays, markets, cooking contests, joyful Polish music and other entertainment, these exceptional festivals add to the bustling city’s unique charm. Poland Culinary Vacations can plan a travel itinerary that combines festival outings with other visits to Malopolska (Lesser Poland) region UNESCO world heritage sites.

Gourmet pierogi made at the Culinary Studio in Krakow

Gourmet pierogi made at the Culinary Studio in Krakow

Poland Culinary Vacations is Poland’s premier choice for custom-tailored, personally guided gastronomic tours. From Wesele’s  restaurant regional and traditional offerings to Trzy Rybki innovative nouvelle preparations. Poland Culinary Vacations is your best introduction to this country’s varied culture and marvelous cuisine. PCV also lends a hand to its clients in registering for one-day Polish cooking classes. Participating in a cooking course at Krakow’s Culinary Studio is an excellent way to recapture the smells and tastes of Poland in your own home.

To view 2016 Poland Culinary Vacations to Krakow please Click here

See you in Krakow in 2016!

Visit To Annual Pierogi Festival In Krakow Included In Your August Tour!

August 29th, 2015

Once again, Poland Culinary Vacations guests attended the annual PIEROGI FESTIVAL in Maly Rynek, Krakow, Poland as part of their August “Cooking Your Way From Krakow to Zakopane” culinary and cultural vacation. Locals and travelers from all over the world enjoyed Polish pierogi, beer and regional “oscypki” cheese while visiting the festival. It was hot, colorful and delicious!

XIII Pierogi Festival in Krakow, Poland

XIII Pierogi Festival in Krakow, Poland

Unlike any other year, this year we witnessed just about every possible color of pierogi dough – and interesting fillings! Pierogi Festival in Krakow is not your average pierogi affair and offers both traditional and new, inventive creations in line with ever demanding and changing Polish tastes!

Delicious and colorful pierogi at XIII Pierogi Festival in Krakow, Poland

Delicious and colorful pierogi at XIII Pierogi Festival in Krakow, Poland

Colorful pierogi at the 2015 XIII Pierogi Festival in Krakow, Poland

More colorful pierogi at the 2015 XIII Pierogi Festival in Krakow, Poland

In the evening, guests could visit Pierogi Festival and listen to live entertainment on main stage while enjoying their pierogi!

During August, 2015 XIII Pierogi Festival, restaurant “Polskie Smaki” located at ul. św. Tomasza in Krakow won the statue of Casimir the Great, beloved Polish King, for their best pierogi according to the general public (all those real pierogi fans who voted!) It was the second time restaurant “Polskie Smaki” won at the Pierogi Festival! Congratulations!

Casimir the Great statue awarded for BEST PIEROGI by general public!

Casimir the Great statue awarded for BEST PIEROGI by general public!

The statue of św. Jack with Pierogi (an award granted by professional jury comprised of people in the gastronomy business, dietitians, culinary journalists and restaurateurs) went to “Magi” from Trzciany, for Pierożki Babci Władzi. It was first time “Magi” won at the festival. Congratulations!

Saint Jack statue awarded by professional for BEST PIEROGI at the annual Pierogi Festival in Krakow, Poland

Saint Jack statue awarded by professionals for BEST PIEROGI at the annual Pierogi Festival in Krakow, Poland

Total of 18 restaurants and catering businesses competed at the 2015 Pierogi Festival in Krakow. All participants received diplomas, general statues and practical gifts from local government and trade organizations sponsoring this spectacular culinary event in beautiful Krakow! Till next year!

To view Poland Culinary Vacations photo album from 2015 XIII Pierogi Festival in Krakow, Poland click here…

To view details of “Cooking Your Way From Krakow to Zakopane” tour & Pierogi Festival in Krakow, Poland click here…

Where to Eat When Visiting Gdansk, Sopot, Gdynia – The Tri-City of Poland in 2015

July 2nd, 2015

The Tri-City, an urban complex extending along the Bay of Gdansk in the north of Poland, is one of Poland’s largest tourist attractions. The cities are especially popular during summer months, where vacationers flock to enjoy beautiful beaches of the Baltic Sea coast, luxurious SPAs and delicious food, especially seafood.

Flounder served at Brovarnia Gdansk

Flounder served at Brovarnia Gdansk

Gdynia’s famous and historic Fish Hall offers all kinds of fresh seafood and is a must-see for any foodie. The Polish Baltic coast is rich in herring, flounder, eel, cod, turbot and salmon. Many culinary events are organized “To Taste Pomorskie”, like the Slow Fest Sopot, Cod Fish Harvest, and weekend breakfast markets. Here are a few recommendations for best restaurants in the Tri-City offering delicious, fresh, seafood, Kashubian regional specialties and more traditional Polish fare:

Brovarnia Gdansk
Gdanski Bowke
Restauracja Filharmonia
Restauracja Pod Lososiem
Restauracja Tlusta Kaczka – Polish cuisine restaurant
Restauracja Kubicki – wonderful Polish food with piano music
Restauracja Velevetka – offering traditional Kashubian cuisine

Restauracja Wave at Sheraton Sopot Hotel – offering regional, Polish and mediterranian cuisine
Restauracja Bulaj – Sopot
Bar Przystan – order delicious fisherman’s soup!

Restauracja Sztuczka

To join us on culinary journey through the Tri-City view our day-by-day itinerary for September 2015 “Coastal Cooking in Pomerania and Gdansk” trip CLICK HERE

See you in beautiful Gdansk, Sopot & Gdynia in 2015!

Szczesliwej Podrozy i Smacznego! (Happy Travels & Bon Appétit!)
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