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“Travel helps us better understand and appreciate other people, ultimately leading to a more peaceful world. Nothing is more intimate, or more effective at breaking down cultural barriers, than cooking and sharing meals together.”

~ Malgorzata Rose

Malgorzata (nickname: Sarna) Rose, founder and President of Poland Culinary Vacations, Inc. is a native of Poland, born in Wroclaw, in the Lower Silesia region. Poland Culinary Vacations grew out of her love and passion for travel and everything Polish, including fine Polish cuisine, eventually blossoming into a first-class culinary travel company.

Nearly thirty years of extensive international travel, for both business and pleasure, plus a long and successful career in international business in the areas of sales and marketing, gave her a solid foundation upon which to build Poland Culinary Vacations.

While growing up in Poland, she experienced the great joy of cooking with family and friends. Using her grandmothers’ recipes and fresh ingredients from their gardens, they prepared food for weddings, parties, and traditional holidays.

Now, through Poland Culinary Vacations, she wants to share that experience with you, and show you the best of everyday Polish living: the special people and their hospitality, and the heritage and traditions unique to each region.

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Szczęśliwej Podróży i Smacznego! - Happy Travels & Bon Appétit!

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