HAVE YOU EVER WONDERED WHAT IT WOULD BE LIKE TO TASTE WINE AT THE VERY SAME PLACE IT HAS BEEN CREATED? It takes a tremendous amount of energy to go from planting a vineyard up to the time the “juice of gods” is ready to be poured into barrels. Vine tasting accompanied by stories told by those who know every detail about them is truly fascinating! While having a glass of wine in such a place, you may not only catch the passion from the owners but also ask them the most notorious questions about wine – How weather shapes the taste of wine? Is old always better? Single variety or blend wine?

EVERY YEAR WE OFFER TAILORED CULINARY AND WINE TASTING TOURS that include both travels to the best vineyards and festivals where you can try wine from all around Poland! Please check our Wine Tours, and below HAVE A LOOK AT THE WINE FESTIVALS CALENDAR. Fancy a trip at that time? Just text or call us!


1. Beer-Wine-Cheese Festival in Wrocław – March 7- 8, 2020 (Lower Silesia)
Craft beers, dozens kinds of cow, sheep and goat cheeses, amazing breads and of course Polish wine! The first big festival opening the 2020 season will not disappoint you! As the beginning of spring tend to have chill evenings, this festival takes place in one of the most unique places in the city – Czasoprzestrzeń. It is a complex of few buildings that used to be a part of a tram depot – “Zajezdnia Dębie”. Nowadays it is a vibrant cultural place that will make your visit at the festival just more interesting. If you wish to explore Wrocław, and in addition to wine you are also cheese and beer lower this festival is for you! Event website.

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Foto credit: festival orginizers.

2. Wine Festival in Janowiec – May 30-31, 2020 (Lesser Poland) 
Wine Festival in Janowiec is a historical re-enactment that takes place at Janowiec Castle courtyard. It includes performance of folk bands, tasting of regional cuisine, and above all – tasting of wines from the Vistula region. Coming here is a great way to enjoy both good food and ancient Polish culture. Event website. 

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Foto credit: www.mnkd.pl

3. “Białe Czerwone” 3rd Polish Wine Festival in Forteca Kręgliccy – June 7- 8, 2020 (Mazovia)
This festival focuses around “colors” of Polish wines, and provide visitors with workshops about red, white, rose and sparkling wine-kinds. Moreover, as it takes place in a beautiful restaurant placed in a 19th century fortress in Warsaw, you will be able to enjoy unique vibe of the surroundings and dive into modern take on traditional Polish cuisine crafted by the restaurant great chefs. Event website.

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Foto credit – festival organizer.

4. Wine-Bread-Cheese Festival in Sandomierz – June 12-14, 2020 (Świętokrzyskie)
Sandomierz is full of historical monuments scattered among unspoiled landscape which makes it one of the most beautiful and charming cities in Poland. Due to its royal heritage (it was a city of the Polish Crown) and well preserved Old Town it was declared a National Monument of Poland in 2017. Here, you will be able to enjoy regional-wine tasting accompanied by folk music and dance, and street performances. At the same time you will have within the reach of your hand the best of bests regional breads, cheeses and other dishes. Definitely worth a trip! Even website. 

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Foto credit: www.chlebwinoser.pl

5. 3rd JuRajski (Paradise) Wine Picnic – June 21, 2020 (Lesser Poland)
This picnic is for those who seek peace, quiet and relaxation. The organizer – Kresy Vineyard will provide cozy atmosphere in the bosom of nature, great food, plenty of great stories and of course their own wine! Ania and Robert will also take you for a walk to their precious vineyard and answer your questions about good wine making process. Great day planes for those who enjoy countryside. Event Website.

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Foto credit: Michał Gacek

6. 5th Jurajski Festival of Art and Wine in Olsztyn (village) – July 17-19, 2020 (Silesian)         

This festival promotes the unique heritage of the upland and warm region of Silesia. You will be able to taste and buy regional wines and foods, take part in interesting seminars (last year one of the spokesmen was the editor-in-chief of the magazine “Czas Wina” Michał Bardel), culinary shows and folk-groups performances. As it is also an art festival you will have plenty of opportunities to shop for unique handicrafts and local artworks. Event website.

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Foto credit: czest.info

7. “Nie daj się nabić w butelkę” Wine bottling with Sun and Wind Vineyard – August 02, 2020 (Lesser Poland)
If you have ever wondered what it looks like before the wine hits the shelves of shops you may find your answers here! Sun and Wind Vineyard decided to release the secret of wine bottling. With them you will pour, cork and label your own bottle of wine. This is a family ran business so you may count on a cozy and warm atmosphere, accompanied by home-made food and great stories. What a treat! Event website.

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Foto credit: slonceiwiatr.pl

8. Grape Wine Harvest 2020 – Zielona Góra – August 13-15, 2020 (Lubuskie)
During this magical week, in the heart of Zielona Góra you will find a vibrant, seasonal market offering Polish wines, beers and regional handcrafts. Those warm late summer days would also be filled with gigs, street-theaters performances and other artistic events. Zielona Góra owns its picturesque character to the lovely Old Town and surrounding green hills. It also earned the nickname “The City of Wine” due to its old wine making traditions. Visiting this festival is a perfect choice for small town and nature lovers. Event website.

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Foto credit: gazetalubuska.pl

9. Wine Days Festival in Jaslo – August 29-30, 2020 (Subcarpathia)
Last year the festival hosted 35 Polish and three foreign vineyards, and 20 exhibitors with regional products and foods. As 2020 is an anniversary it is expected that this year Wine Days would offer even more attractions!  Expect wine-related workshops including wine-tasting and painting in the colors of wine! Jasło hosts one of the biggest wine festivals and it should definitely not be missed out! Soon more details would be available at the Dni Wina website.

jaslo wine festival poland summer vacation holiday tour

Wine tasting at Jasło Festival.

10. Winemakers and Friends Wine Festival in Wrocław – September 19-20, 2020 (Lower Silesia)
Lower Silesia is the warmest area of Poland and you will find here many amazing vineyards to visit. If you wish to try at, one place and at one time, the best wines from the entire region you may come to Wrocław in spring and visit the Beer-Wine-Cheese Festival or come here at the beginning of autumn for the Winemakers and Friends festival! This festival is not only placed in the vibrant, historical city of Wrocław, but it also takes place at one of the most beautiful horse stables (Partynice) in the country with its magnificent horse racing track. At the festival you will be able to try handmade local sweets, regional cheeses, many types of bread and take part in interesting workshops. We encourage you to ask the exhibitors details about their wines and vineyards, so you will see how quickly you would wish to visit their “wine kingdoms” yourself! Come to Wrocław and have a great culinary experience and learn all about Silesia’s wines! …And maybe enjoy a horse ride?:) Event website. 

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Foto on the right credit: festival orginizers.

11. Żar Wino (Fire and Wine) meetings at Moderna and Agat Vineyards (Lower Silesia)
Most of the festivals take place once a year. FOR SOME WINE LOVERS IT WAS NOW ENOUGH! Fire and Wine is a series of events combining tasting of open-fire Polish cuisine and local wines from Lower Silesia. The meetings take place from May to October in either Agat or Moderna vineyard. During dinner, at such event, you will enjoy observing chefs working in an open-air kitchen where they will be using traditional techniques of cooking and baking. It is a true feast for food and wine lowers who enjoy beautiful surroundings. We visit the vineyards almost every year! Event website. 

We tailor our WINE TRIPS accordingly to your needs and the festivals’ calendar. If you have any question about places the festivals take place in, or about the vineyards we are cooperating with please CONTACT US for more details. We also offer WINE TOUR with SPA experience so there is truly plenty to choose from!