IF YOU ARE INTO ENO-EXPLORATION AND SEARCHING FOR NEXT POLISH WINE VACATION SPOT, Poland is probably not the first choice that crosses your mind. Well we understand, but we also truly hope, that soon after you visit some of the country’s best vineyards, you will extend your list of extraordinary wine-producing places worth both visiting and travelling around. Come and Try Polish Eco Wines!

BRIEF HISTORY. It is believed, that Zielona Góra is the historical Polish capital-city of wine making. At the beginning of the 19th century it was a place well known for its fruitful vineyards as well as champagne, made in the same traditional way as in France – secondary fermentation in a bottle. Nowadays, Poland reaches out to its historical traditions, and wines Made In Poland are popping up at festivals and in restaurants available to those searching for new culinary experiences.

Although generally cooler weather in central Europe makes it tricky for wine production, that is one of the reasons many say that only those immensely in love with wine are making them here. Red, white, rose, sparkling or made from various fruit – all wines in Poland share a secret ingredient – passion.

WHAT IS ALSO WORTH NOTICING, is that the re-birth of wine production in Poland coincides with a new trend – eco farming …And what can be better then a bottle of a great wine that is absolutely pure from any unnecessary ingredients? Knowing that the environment was unharmed while our glass of the godly drink has been made makes it all so much more interesting and tasty.


1. Pradoliny Vineyard (Podkarpackie)

The Pradoliny vineyard grows a number of wine varieties – Solaris, Regent, Riesling, Johanniter, Seyval Blanc, Zweigelt and Chardonnay. Their specialty are deep in taste dry wines, and more delicate semi-dry white wines, as well as fruity rose wines. You can ask for their products in wine-shops and restaurants with Polish cuisine.

bottle of wine polish poland red grass meadow

More information about Pradoliny vineyards.

2. Wieliczka vineyard ( Malopolska – Lesser Poland)

The main focus of Wieliczka vineyard is to farm accordingly to the rules of nature itself. Although the wine production-process is the heart, to make it all work, the place is filled out with many kinds of plants and trees, mostly old varieties. While growing together, they create for each other a great environment in which the vines grow fruitfully and the other plants become a niche for important species such as bees and birds.


More information about Wieliczka vineyard.

3. Biały Kruk vineyard (Mazovia)

In 2009 Robert Zdanowski decided to follow his passion for wine making and started Biały Kruk. From the very beginning, a 100% ecological vineyard is now home to over three hundred vines mostly of these four kinds – Regent, Cabernet Cortis, Marquette, Muscat Blue. While visiting, you will be welcomed in a beautiful tasting hall and will be invited to hear all about the magic of wine making. Please note – if you follow a plant-based diet, Biały Kruk’s wines classify as vegan, moreover the bottles and labels come from recycling.

Biały Kruk Cuve Białe 2016 – brown medal at Gastronomy awards
Biały Kruk Cuve Czerwone 2018 – silver medal at Hibernal Forum 2019, Morawy
Biały Kruk 2018 Orange wine – Gold medal at Jasło 2019 Festival, and the wine was announced a Champion in Special Wine Category

vineyard autumn sunshine

More Information about Biały Kruk.

3. Zagardle vineyard (Lesser Poland)

After switching from urban to countryside life, a love to wine-making was born. After years of hard work and learning (including cooperation with Podkarpackie Wine Academy) today we can find at Zagardle vineyard one of the best grape varieties: Leon Millot, Marechal Foch, Regent, Rondo (for red wines), and Seyvall Blanc, Solaris, Jutrzenka, Hibernal, Swenson Red, Adalmiina, and Bigas for white wines.
Everything is grown without use of any chemicals, and the majority of the work is made by hand.
Owners have prepared a lovely wine-tasting areas both in the field and in their wine basement. Moreover, they are proud to say, that they are not planning on enlargement of their vineyard as they wish to continue having a direct impact on the entire cultivation and wine production process.

zagardle winnica testowanie wina goscie

More information about Zagardle Vineyard.

Some restaurants and wine shops offering Polish wines:
Winosfera – multiple locations in Warsaw, Kraków, Poznań and Bydgoszcz
Enoteka Pergamin – restaurant and wine bar in Kraków
Mielżyński – quirky wine shop and restaurant in Warsaw
Alewino – cosy wine bar and restaurant in Warsaw
Wizja Wina – shop in pasaż Zielińskiego, Wrocław

Polish wines are truly amazing, but due to quite recent wine industry re-birth in Poland, you may not yet purchase Polish wine abroad. That is why we strongly encourage you to try as many as you can while visiting Poland.

Poland Culinary Vacations offers five days with Polish wine tours to various wine regions across Poland. Please follow this link for wine tour itineraries and start planning your wine vacation to Poland with us! Na zdrowie! – Cheers!