Despite the ongoing worldwide 2020 pandemic, many food, wine and beer events and festivals are still scheduled to take place in various regions of Poland this fall. The format of these events has been scaled back, often going virtual and/or excluding live entertainment and shorter in duration.

Here are five of the very best food, wine and beer festivals and happenings across the country this autumn.

1. Warszawski Festiwal Piwa Bez Granic (Warsaw Beer Festival without Borders) an Online Facebook and YouTube 2020 Event from Warsaw, Mazovia region of Poland 

Event date: September 5, 2020

According to Warsaw Beer Festival organizers, this event was created out of love for craft beer and the diversity associated with it. In a normal year, they invite only small Polish breweries, food trucks and interesting guests from abroad, and the brewers personally pour beer, which often cannot be bought in a bottle or outside the festival. The event takes place twice a year – in spring and autumn. They focus on taste and beer culture, which creates a unique atmosphere. Everyone can experience the festival in their own way, choosing between training sessions, tastings, table football, lectures and other attractions, which are as many as the colors of craft beer.

But the Warsaw Beer Festival is all about stories. From the biggest ones, about dreams that change life, through smaller ones, with hard work, experience and inspiration. Stories of brewers and each of the hundreds of beers brewed especially for the festival. And the unique story of the first sip of craft beer.

Winobranie - Wine Harvest Festival in Zielona Gora, Poland.

Winobranie 2020 – Wine Harvest Festival in Zielona Gora, Poland.

2. Winobranie – Wine Harvest Festival in Zielona Gora, Lubuskie region of Poland

Event date: September 5 – 13, 2020

This is the biggest and oldest Wine Festival in all of Poland. This year, 30 vineyards from Lubuskie region will be participating at the Festival and there will be more than 130 market stalls scattered throughout the downtown area offering wine, food, handicrafts and more.

Silesian Wines selection.

Silesian Wines selection at 2019 Winemakers and Friends Festival in Lower Silesia region of Poland.

3. Winiarze i Przyjaciele Festiwal (Winemakers and Friends Festival)Special Edition – Lower Silesia region of Poland

Event date: September 19 – 20, 2020

Eight different locations/vineyards throughout Lower Silesia region.

The dedicated Facebook event page will have locations and schedules of participating Lower Silesian vineyards. Winemakers and Friends on the Vineyards – Special Edition instead of being held at one Partynice, Wroclaw location due to COVID-19 will instead invite attendees to visit specific eight vineyards for tour and wine tastings.

4. Warszawska Feta. Beer, Wine and Cheese Festival at the Centrum Praskie Koneser, Warsaw

Event date: October 17 – 18, 2020 

In one place, beer brewers along with wine and cheese makers will present their products, share history and achievements. During the Festival, the tradition and history of beer brewing will be presented with an open zone for home brewers. Attendees will learn about the grape harvest trail in the region and taste a variety of artisan cheeses. The event will be accompanied by discussion panels, workshops and food pairings.

Official logo for Goose Meat on St. Martin's.

Official logo for Goose Meat on St. Martin’s that participating restaurants display on their menus.

One of the delicious goose meat dishes.

One of the delicious goose meat dishes.

5. Gesina na Sw. Marcina (Goose Meat on St. Martin’s) 

Participating chefs and restaurants in all regions of Poland offering special menus which include goose meat dishes from geese pasture raised in Poland.

Event date: November 6 – 29, 2020

Creative wreaths at Harvest Festival in Lower Silesia, Poland.

Creative wreaths at Dozynki – Harvest Festival in Lower Silesia region of Poland.

Also, at the end of August through the end of September – DOZYNKI – Harvest Festivals – start happening in small towns and villages all throughout Poland. Decorative wreaths take the center stage at these Harvest Festivals and can take anywhere from one to two weeks to make. Local women get very creative with the designs of their wreaths. Contests often take place for “The Most Beautiful Wreath” at most locations.

Poland Culinary Vacations are often scheduled around local food, wine and beer festivals to offer our guests an immersive experience during their trip to Poland. Please visit our website for detailed day-by-day itineraries of the many small group tours we offer in various regions of Poland, starting in May thru September 2021!