DID YOU KNOW THAT COOL NIGHTS AND SUNNY DAYS IS WHATS MAKES APPLES SO DELICIOUS? Special climate conditions are extremely important in the process of growing the most delicious apple varieties. Apples gain weight during summer and ripe until autumn, some of them even until winter. That is why from September till December we can talk in Europe about apple festive time!

AND WHAT CAN YOU DO WITH SUCH FRUIT ABUNDANCE? Multiple types of apple pies, apple roasts, soups and sauces. Moreover, apples are great to be eaten simply fresh or cut into a fruit salad. And let’s do not forget about delicious apple juice! The last one is what you can turn into something even more interesting – apple cider. Cider is an alcoholic beverage made from fermented apple juice. Although most people may identify cider as a British or Irish treat, nowadays Poland is producing one of the most flavorful kinds. It is just an inevitable consequence of the fact, that Poland is also a European capitol of apple orchards.

FEW OF THE BEST APPLE VARIETIES GROWN IN POLAND: Gala, Golden, Delicious, Ida Red, Gloster, Jonagold, Ligol, Champion – have you ever tried any of these? If not, now it is the best time to do so!

polish orchards grojeckie map

Map of main orchards that are a part of Grójeckie Association.

TO TRY THE BEST OF THE BEST APPLES you may want to visit one of the most famous Polish orchards that are a part of Grójeckie Orchards Association (Masovia region). To become a member of this association all of the orchards must follow the traditional ways of apple-tree cultivation, grow only selected apple-varieties and fall under the Protected Geographical Indication Mark*. What distinguishes apples from Grójeckie region is a higher than average acidity and much more colourful skin. These qualities are a result of a unique set of soil and micro-climate conditions.

IF YOU WOULD NOT FIND IT POSSIBLE TO VISIT ONE OF THE ORCHARDS YOURSELF, you may try to find apples that are branded as Grójeckie Apples while shopping, and then maybe


-1 large onion -white part from leek
-400 grams (14oz) of potatoes
-2 large apples
-1 liter of vegetable broth
-3 spoons of horseradish
-3 spoons of sour cream
-butter for frying
-salt, pepper,chilli and dill for seasoning
-cooked apples for decoration

INSTRUCTIONS: Cut onion into small cubes and leek into thin slices, fry on butter until the vegetables caramelize. Cut potatoes and apples into cubes, pour broth into saucepan with the fried veggies, and insert potatoes and apples into the broth. Cook it all tougher until potatoes become soft. While ready, blend the soup, season it with horseradish and cream, add the remaining spices to your taste, decorate with cooked apples. Ready!

kwasne jabłko polish cider country side tasting bottles summer

You may visit Kwaśne Jabłko for apple and cider tasting and sightseeing or vacation.

IF YOU WISH TO TRY GREAT POLISH CRAFT CIDERS, ask in restaurants and shops with regional food for:

1. Kwaśne Jabłko (Sour Apple). They make their ciders from one of the tastiest apple varieties to be found, and they grow them by themselves: Antonówka, Boskop, Szara Reneta, Topaz, Golden Delicious, Jonathan.

2. If you wish to try a “premium” cider, that is already recognized by many sommeliers, ask for Meli Melum – it is a truly special drink, characterized by high carbonation.

3. The last cider, we would like to propose for you, may be found both in shops and restaurants but you may also wish to hike the beautiful hills of Trzebnica in order to find it right in the place of its origin. Traditional Cider from Trzebnica originate in an amazing landscape, moreover the producer offers interesting flavours such as pear or choke-berry.

AT LAST THERE ARE APPLE SPARKLING WINES. Winnica Chodorowa is one of few places that offer not only great ciders and traditional grape wines but also sparkling wines made with apples. Moreover, their orchards are not ordinary ones – some of the trees here are over 70ty years old!

wine cider bottles chodorowa polish poland

Chodorowa wines and ciders.

SOMETHING TO PUT INTO YOUR CALENDAR FOR THE NEXT YEARSeptember 28th, 2020 is the World Apple Day!!!

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*Protected Geographical Indication mark designates a product originating in a specific place, region or country whose given quality, reputation or other characteristic is essentially attributable to its geographical origin and at least one of the production steps of which takes place in the defined geographical area.