EVERY EUROPEAN COUNTRY has its own unique ways of preparing, maturing and serving cheese.  And do not be mistaken – France may claim to be the cheese capital of the world, but we all know, that the best bits to try, are the hidden gems 🙂

making oscypki

Making cheese during cooking class with Poland Culinary Vacations in Obidowa village

Poland is home to several types of cheese that you would not find anywhere else. The most unique is OSCYPEK – smoked cheese made of salted sheep milk made exclusively in the Tatra Mountains region.

Another, typical only for Poland cheese is called TWARÓG (quark or farmers cheese). Its closest “western cousin” is cottage cheese. Twaróg, unlike oscypek, is popular across the country. It is made by warming soured milk until the desired amount of curdling is met. It tastes best served the day after straining and while prepared by a local farmer that breeds his own cows.

The third type of cheese, you should try while visiting Poland, is KRÓLEWSKI cheese (Royal cheese). It originates in northwestern Mazovia region (now also very popular in Podlasie). It is a creamy, semi-hard cheese with large holes. It’s characterized by a sweet and nutty taste, with a slight hint of pepper-like aftertaste.

IF YOU LIKE ORGANIC CHEESES you could have not find better time to visit Poland than now! Currently, many farmers go back to traditional ways of breeding animals and making high quality cheeses. This results in a variety of cheeses that taste like in old days!

Polish cheese and wine tasting at 2019 Winiarze & Przyjaciele Wine Festival in Wroclaw 

While visiting LOWER SILESIA region of Poland, you should not miss trying organic cheeses from these cheese makers and farmers:
1. Sery Łomnickie (in Wrocław, popular in small food stores with local food-products such as RegioFood)
2. Wańczykówka (available at Wrocławski Bazar Smakoszy)
3. Sery Lutomierskie (available at the site, they also organize cheese making workshops)
4. Kozio-lek (to try their amazing goat cheese, you are welcome to visit their farm – it is located only 40 minutes drive from the city of Wroclaw)

If your trip to Poland is in a nearby future, please plan to also visit one of these great ECO and local FOOD FESTIVALS, where you will find plenty of wonderful cheeses to taste:

1. Lower Silesia – Festival of Regional Food and Specialities 4-6.10.2019
2. Podkarpacie – Regional cheese and bread making workshops 09.10.2019
3. Lower Silesia – Organic Food (including cheese) and Healthy Lifestyle Fair 10.10.2019
4. Mazovian – Biggest Polish Fair of Organic Food and Products “BIOEXPO Warsaw” 11-13.10.2019

Join Poland Culinary Vacations small-group tours to experience local cheese-tastings and cheese-making classes:) Several culinary and cultural trips offered include delicious cheese workshops in various regions across Poland. Please follow this link for culinary tour itineraries and start planning your food vacation to Poland with us! Smacznego! – Enjoy!