When you plan your vacation, it may be a bit overwhelming to search among all great activities and pick up the BEST PLACES that offers them. If you wish to include wine-tasting during your trip to Poland we highly recommend that you visit Lower Silesia and take into consideration one of these GREAT VINEYARDS:

1. NIEMCZANSKA Vineyard, website

Nature, curiosity, adventure, passion and the desire to create unique wines brought together five friends who, in 2017, planted on the slope of the Niemcza hill 9 grape varieties: Chardonnay, Riesling, Pinot Noir, Pinot Gris, Czech Palava, Solaris, Cabernet Blanc, Muscaris, Cabernet Cortis. Although the vineyard is relatively young it is already very fruitful, and there are also plans to introduce here historical and local vine-varieties such as Gutedel and Auxerrois. It is a great spot for those searching for a luxurious gateway.

  • Highlights: BEAUTIFUL SURROUNDINGS : fields, forests, river and historic distillery; Nearby HISTORIC NIEMCZA town with a great market for local shopping; Nearby bountiful in unique plant-species ARBORETUM WOJSŁAWICE; Neighbouring with SILESIAN GINGERBREAD HOUSE offering sale and workshops.
Niemczanska Wines selection.

Niemczanska wine selection.

niemcza piernikarnia holiday poland lower silesia

Historical Gingerbread Bakery. Photo credit.

2. Vineyard and Winery “CELTICA”, website

  • Accommodation – Yes. Rooms in a beautifully renovated old brick-building.
  • Wine tasting – Yes. Often offered with additional attractions.

Celtica winery is located is the industrial complex of the old gasworks finished in 1902 and renovated in 2015. In this unique place in a homely atmosphere you will be introduced to stories about Celts, Slavs and the mysterious Sabat wine that owns its name to the first name given for the Sobotka village (Sabath 1148 A.D.) where the winery is placed. Wine varieties grown here are: Riesling, Sauvignon Blanc, Johanniter, Gewürztraminer, Solaris, Regent, Pinot Noir and Merlot. Moreover, here you will be able to try wines made of black and red currants and other seasonal fruit. It is a great choice for people enjoying homely atmosphere and long evening-talks about cultures, wine and nature.

  • Highlights: Nearby Sleza mountain is a great SPOT FOR HIKING and MOUNTAIN BIKING; few nearby HISTORICAL CHURCHES and BUILDINGS.
Celtica Wines selection.

Celtica white wine selection.

polish vineyards celtica accommodation old building romantic lower silesia trip vine tasting holiday

The renovated building of gasworks. Photo credit.

Celtica red wines selection.

Celtica red and black current wine selection.

3. ADORIA Vineyard, website

  • Accommodation – No
  • Wine tasting – Yes

Adoria is a vineyard with multiple awards for its tasty wines. With a lot of planning, research and just plain hard work Adoria’s owner – Mike Whitney focused on producing world class wines from the three of the big four grape varieties: Pinot Noir, Chardonnay and Riesling. These three varieties along with an excellent local grape variety, Bacchus, form the basis of the vineyard and what you will find in your glass. Mike was born amidst the vineyards of California and as a young man discovered Poland, where he not only established the vineyard but also decided to employ traditional, 16th century processes of wine-growing and producing. When you come to Adoria you will notice this approach throughout the winery.

  • Highlights: the vineyard is 20 minutes drive from the WROCŁAW CITY, which makes it A GREAT DAY TRIP if you are vising the capitol of Lower Silesia; AMAZING VIEW of Sleza mountain and surrounding fields.
Poland Culinary Vacations guests touring Adoria Vineyard.

Poland Culinary Vacations guests touring Adoria Vineyard.

polish vineyards adoria lower silesia trip vine tasting holiday

Chardonnay Avenue. Photo credit.

4. SILESIAN Vineyard, website

  • Accommodation – Soon
  • Wine tasting – Yes

Silesian Winery is a new project in Bagieniec near Jaworzyna Slaska. The first plants were planted on 11 hectares in 2016 and already in 2018 the Silesian’s wines won a recognition at the prestigious SPOT and EnoExpo wine contests. The winery uses the knowledge of two very experienced winemakers – Michał Pajdosz from the Jakubow Winery and Matthias Schuh from Weingut Schuh. Nevertheless, the very idea of establishing the vineyard came from Jaroslaw Mazurek. Jaroslaw’s family has been breeding horses for five generations, and recently has decided to devote to wine production. They have turned some of the former stables into atmospheric interiors, which in addition to the place beautiful surroundings makes the whole winery one of the most unique ones. Future enotourists will be able to book here not only wine-tasting tours and riding lessons but also a room in further renovated part of the stables complex.

  • Highlights: Availbale HORSE RIDING lessons; beautiful surroundings and COZY ATMOSPHERE provided by the family run farm.

Silesian grows 9 grape varieties: Riesling, Johanniter, Solaris, Souvignier Gris, Riesling roter, Sevalval blanc, Roundabout, Regent and Cabernet cortis.

Silesian Wines selection.

Silesian wine selection.

Beautiful interiors at Silesian Winery.

Beautiful interiors at Silesian Winery.

polish vineyards adoria lower silesia trip vine tasting holiday horses

Jarosław and his daughters that help to run both the stables and the vineyard. Photo credit.

5. Winnica MODERNA, website

  • Accommodation – No
  • Wine tasting – Yes

Moderna Winery is located in Krakowian on picturesque Trzebnickie Hills. The amazing view makes it hard to believe that you are only half an hour drive from the Wroclaw city. Here the time slows down but you would not be bored! For starters, you can enjoy short lessons about wine run by Nestor Koscianski. After gaining inside knowledge behind the choice of wines for your dinner, you will be able to watch the meal being prepared over live fire! The “show” is run by the chef – Piotr Andruszko. If you fish to have a great wine-tasting experience combined with opportunity to try great local breads, cheeses and pickled foods you must book your visit here! Moreover, this vineyard cooperates with Agat winery, so you will be offered even more wines to try as well as you may choose an accommodation at Agat’s vineyard (2 hours drive) and spend a night at their beautiful, recently renovated brick building that reminds of old times. On your way there you may visit a very close by to Moderna vineyard Vineyards of the Trzebnickie Hills. It has won the 2015 SPOT with their Pinot Noir 2015.

Country house at Moderna Vineyard.

Country house at Moderna Vineyard.

Delicious food served during Zar-Wino dinners at Moderna Vineyard.

Fresh, local food served during Zar-Wino dinners at Moderna Vineyard.

Moderna wine.

Moderna wine.

moderna winery live fire cooking wine tasting holidays vacations poland

Dinner at the vineyard. The events of live-fire cooking and wine tasting are part of Żar Wino festival. Photo credit.

WHILE TRAVELLING IN LOWER SILESIA and enjoying its great wines,do not forget to try traditional Polish sourdough breads, amazing local cheeses:  Łomnickie, Slubowskie or Lutomierskie, and craft beer by Browar Profesja, Browar Wielka Sowa or Browar Stu Mostów. Lower Silesia region is truly full of delicious flavors!

Poland Culinary Vacations offers private and small-group wine tours to Lower Silesia and other wine regions of Poland. Please check out our “Five Days with Polish Wines” itineraries for some ideas and give us a call or email to schedule your exciting wine adventure in Poland!

Na zdrowie! – Cheers! & Do zobaczenia na Dolnym Śląsku! – See you in Lower Silesia!