Malopolska – Lesser Poland is a region in southeastern Poland known for its medieval landmarks, wooden churches and mountainous landscapes. Here you may visit up to five UNESCO World Heritage sites:

  1. Historic Centre (Medieval-era Old Town) of Kraków (the capitol city of Lesser Poland), overlooked by beautiful Wawel Royal Castle – a sprawling Gothic palace with an art museum
  2. Wieliczka and Bochnia Royal Salt Mines
  3. Auschwitz Birkenau, German Nazi Concentration and Extermination Camp (1940–1945)
  4. Kalwaria Zebrzydowska: the Mannerist Architectural and Park Landscape Complex and Pilgrimage Park
  5. Wooden Churches of Southern Lesser Poland
unesco sites lesser poland

1. Up left – the Wawel Castle. 2. Up right – Wieliczka salt-mines. 3. Bottom – wooden church in in Binarowa. Photo credit 1, 2, 3.

Thankfully this region is also GREAT FOR WINE TASTING TOURS, so please familiarize yourself with THE MOST INTERESTING CHOICES!


  • Accommodation – SOON
  • Wine tasting – YES

The Srebrna Góra vineyard is ONE OF THE LARGEST vineyards in Poland. Moreover, it has one of the most beautiful views – on the top of the hill you will see an old monastery – Camaldolese Monastery in Bielany (open for visits) and at the bottom the Vistula river behind which lies the historical city of Krakow – a “must see place” when visiting Poland. Currently, the wine production is taking place in a renovated barn (part of the monastery) but ultimately it will be moved to the neighboring, larger building that would also be adapted for a small guest house. Interestingly, if you visit the place in late autumn you would encounter a reborn of a very old local tradition associated with the figure of Saint Martin – the patron of winemakers. THE CUSTOM IS TO DRINK YOUNG WINE during feasts starting from the 11th November up until Christmas.

  • Highlights – NEIGHBORING with a majestic, greatly preserved XVI century monastery. The vineyard is only 30 minutes drive from KRAKOW CITY CENTER, which makes it A GREAT DAY TRIP if you are visiting the capitol of Lesser Poland.
Poland Culinary Vacations guests touring Srebrna Gora vineyard.

Poland Culinary Vacations guests touring Srebrna Gora vineyard.

srebrna gora winery poland vine tasting holiday

Wide range of Srebrna Gora wines.


  • Accommodation – NO
  • Wine tasting – YES, offered with local food specialties and introduction to Polish wine-making traditions and vineyard tours.

The main focus of Wieliczka vineyard is to farm accordingly to the rules of nature itself. Although grape growing and wine production process are at the heart of Wieliczka vineyard, the place is filled with many other plants and trees, mostly old varieties. While growing together, they create a great environment in which the vines grow fruitfully and the other plants become attractive to important species, such as bees and birds. In return the “visitors” not only pollinate flowers but also remove pests, so NO CHEMICALS ARE NEEDED. Recently, the accompanying plants became so fruitful that the owners use them to produce jams, pickled foods, cold pressed oils and spices. So, your feast here would be far from ordinary or boring!

  • Highlights – The vineyard is only 20 minutes drive from the famous WIELICZKA SALT-MINE, which is not only an amazing place to visit but also often hosts Wieliczka winery wine-tasting events!
wieliczka organic winery poland vine tasting holiday

Wieliczka’s organic wines presented by the owner.

3. GAJ WINERY, website

  • Accommodation – NO
  • Wine tasting – YES, additionally the place produces ciders and fruity alcohol tinctures.

Gaj Winery is a family business run by a father and daughter. Andrzej Barański bought this beautiful area along with an old wooden house, where he renovated brick wine-cellar and decided to set the wine production. After few years of experiments with old local wine varieties such as: kay gray, bianca, roundabout, regent, pinot noir, dawn, praire star, swenson and arkadia, the winery decided to focus only on producing sparkling wine. Just after one season they BECAME FAMOUS FOR THEIR PRODUCT. Currently, the so called “Krakow Champagne” is available only for tasting at the vineyard, so IF YOU WISH TO TRY SPARKLING WINE that is produced the same way that Champagne was made 300 hundred years ago (méthode ancestralne) you must plan your visit Gaj Winery!

  • Highlights: Gajus 2012 won the GOLDEN MEDAL in Galicja Vitis contest, and the Gajus 2013 won the GOLD at Polish EnoExpo.
GAJ winery poland vine tasting holiday

Beautiful view from Gaj winery. Photo credit.

4. KRESY VINEYARD, website

  • Accommodation – YES
  • Wine tasting – YES, accompanied by local food specialties

Kresy Vineyard was born in 2007 after Robert Zięba shifted his interest from renovating historical buildings into trying something very new at the time in Poland – starting a vineyard and making wine. Quickly the new passion took over and a small backyard grown into one and a half hectare of a beautiful vine field. After few adjustments, due to quite tricky microclimate of the place, today the following wine grape varieties are grown at Kresy: Regent, Rondo, Cabernet Cortis and Monarch for red and rose wines and Solaris, Hibernal, Johanniter and Seyval Blanc for white and orange wines, which are slowly becoming the showcase of Kresy Winery. Currently, the vineyard aims at becoming A SMALL HEAVEN FOR ENOTOURISTS. Continuous renovation of old buildings allows guests to rest, after enjoying the wine often paired with local food, in idyllic rooms. The wine-tasting takes place in either the orchard or the beautiful brick cellar connected with large wooden gazebo and small shop.

  • Highlights: The vineyard consists of a few renovated old BRICK AND STONE BUILDINGS that create a unique atmosphere. The place is also a farm with a beautiful orchard which adds up to its cozy COUNTRYSIDE CHARACTER.
kresy winery poland vine tasting holiday

Wine tasting in the garden and one of the renovated buildings at Kresy vineyard. Photo credit.


  • Accommodation – NO
  • Wine tasting – YES, accompanied by home-made food.

If you have ever wondered what it looks like before the wine hits the shelves of shops you may find your answers here! In addition to wine tasting, in early autumn, Sun and Wind offers WORKSHOPS OF WINE BOTTLING – you will pour, cork and label your own bottle of wine. The vineyard is a family run business therefore here you may count on a cozy and warm atmosphere, accompanied by home-made food and great stories. What a treat!

  • Highlights: The vineyard consist of tree fields and one of them – the oldest in Smardzowice village, neighbors with OJCOWSKI PARK NARODOWY (National Nature Park) – an amazing treat FOR NATURE LOVERS.
sund and wind winery poland vine tasting holiday

Selection of Sun and Wind wines.


The Ojcowski National Park. Photo credit.

6.GOJA VINEYARD, website 

  • Accommodation – NO
  • Wine tasting – YES

Goja, similarly to the Sun and Wind vineyard, grows its crops on hills that overlook OJCOWSKI PARK NARODOWY. Here everything is hand-made and done as natural as possible. Interestingly, the winery is also a producer of wine shrubs that are considered of highest quality. Therefore if you are interested not only in wine tasting but also wish to learn about ESTABLISHING YOUR OWN VINEYARD this place is for you!

  • Highlights: The winery won 3 medals in 2015, and another in 2016. They grow many varieties and become more and more recognizable for their quality wines.
goja poland vine tasting holiday

Summer and Christmas time Goja wine tasting.

7. JURA VINEYARD, website 

  • Accommodation – NO
  • Wine tasting – YES

The vineyard was founded by Joanna and Marcin Miszczak. Joanna is a WSET certified sommelier and Marcin a tango teacher who fell in love with wine while staying in Argentina. After moving to Krakow they decided to produce craft dry-wines that would hold the ECO-CERTIFICATE. After three years of hard work, JURA was granted the label “organic” on both, the growing and production, processes! The owners welcome people who wish to have a picnic with wine at their vineyard and truly love organizing wine-tasting tours and events for small groups.

jura poland vine tasting holiday

Selection of JURA ECO wines.

jura poland vine tasting holiday

Wine tasting at Jura vineyard. Photo credit.

Poland Culinary Vacations offers private, small-group wine tours to Malopolska – Lesser Poland and other wine regions of Poland. Please check out our “Five Days with Polish Wines” itineraries for some ideas and give us a call or email to schedule your exciting wine adventure in Poland!

Na zdrowie! – Cheers! & Do zobaczenia w Malopolsce! – See you in Malopolska!