One of the greenest and pristine areas of Poland INVITES YOU TO SLOW DOWN AND ENJOY ITS BEAUTY. Bieszczadzki Park Narodowy and Magura National Park make this region a famous spot for hiking and mountain biking. Moreover, typically as a border region, SUBCARPATHIA also flourishes with its multiculturalism.
Here you will encounter incredible blends of cultures visible in both architecture and cuisine. It is a result of decades of coexistence of three major religions: Christianity, Judaism and Orthodox, as well as development of ethnic groups that are unique only to this mountainous area. MOST WELL KNOWN GROUP ARE LEMKOS.

Wine tasting during Wine Days Festival in Jaslo, Subcarpathia region of Poland

Fresh Subcarpathian gapes on display during Wine Days Festival in Jaslo

Wine tasting during Wine Days Festival in Jaslo, Subcarpathia region of Poland

Wine tasting during Wine Days Festival in Jaslo, Subcarpathia region of Poland


Festival of Lemkos culture in Krynica Zdrój. Photo credit Sadecznin.info

If you wish to see the most well know architectural sites in Subcarpathia visit churches in: HACZÓW, BLIZNE, RADRUŻ, CHOTYNIEC, SMOLNIK, and TURZAŃSK.
If you wish to try traditional Lemkos dishes ask in restaurants for: MASTYŁO (savour pudding), ADZYMKI (flat breads), HOMIŁKI (marinated cottage cheese with mint) KISEŁYCIA (soup made of leaven) and HAŁUSZKI (potato based gnocchi).
More about things to do in the region you will find here.


The church in Radruż, Photo credit: Podkarpackie.travel

Now, when you know that in Subcarpathia there are many INCREDIBLE PLACES TO SEE and many OPPORTUNITIES TO COLLECT BOTH CULINARY AND CULTURAL EXPERIENCES it is time to gather TIPS FOR A WINE LOVER!

Subcarpathian region is not only warmer in comparison to others in Poland but also truly reach in picturesque hills perfect for vine growing. Therefore, here you may find it difficult to decide which winery to visit for wine tasting and touring AS THERE ARE SIMPLY SO MANY OF THEM – Over 100 hundred!!!


1. Pod Dębem Vineyard, website

  • Accommodation – N
  • Wine tasting – YES

The “Pod Dębem” (Under an Oak Tree) vineyard is located on a hill from which a picturesque view on the entire Podbębica valley extends. The place owes its name to a decades-old oak tree growing on the top of the hill. The first vine bushes were planted here 25 years. At the end of the 90s, the first kind – Aurora variety was joined by: Rondo, Sibera, Bianka, Muskat, Hibernal, Seyval Blanc, and Nachodka varieties, and in 2008 the vineyard welcomed Regent and Dornfelder. Today, the plantation covers 16 acres and continuous to introduce new vine varietas.
In 2013 Wacława Matłoka, the owner, visited Gorgia and learned old wine-making technologies and decided to introduce them at the winery. Thanks to this technology and special soil conditions the WINES PRODUCED HERE ARE CHARACTERISED BY: high tannicity comparable to red wines ripening in barrels, a very complex aroma, and an amber color resulting from over six months of fermentation, maceration and maturation.

Winnica Pod Debem

Winnica Pod Debem Photo credit: Pod Debem Vineyard

  • Highlights: View of the entire Podbębica valley; Less than an hour drive from the Jaslo city where takes place one of the biggest wine festivals. 

2. Kamieniec Vineyard, website 

  • Accommodation – NO
  • Wine tasting – YES

Kamieniec vineyard is “a sister vineyard” of “Pod Dębem”. It was started by Wiesław Karbarz who 12 years ago decided to escape a city, build a house with a beautiful garden overlooking two sides of nature reserve, and use experience of Wacława Matłoka to establish a vineyard. In spring of 2008, both gentlemen has planted the first vine bushes: Rondo, Bianka, Hibernal, Solaris, Johanniter, Riesling, Traminer, Pinot Noire, Dornfelder. A year later they planted two more varieties: Seyval Blanc, Regent. HAPPILY, EVEN THE MORE CHALLENGING ONES HAS ADAPTED TO THE PLACE. Today, the vineyard covers one hectare. The fruit from here is harvested by Mr Wiesław but the wine production proces takes place at the “Pod Dębem” vineyard. Guests visiting the site would most likely appreciate the surroundings accompanied by a wonderful, lush garden.

pod debem wineyard podkarpackie poland

Wacław Matłoka – the owner of Kamieniec Vineyard. Photo Credit: NaszeWinnice

polish vineyards vacations

Kamieniec Vineyard. Photo Credit: NaszeWinnice

  •  Highlights: the place is surrounded by nature reserves and a beautiful garden

3. Saint Roch Vineyard, website

  • Accommodation – SOON
  • Wine tasting – YES

The vineyard is located on the southwestern slope of the Saint Roch Hill. It is sheltered from the north by a forest and surrounded by fields. The varieties cultivated here since 2002 are: Hibernal, Jutrzenka, Muscat, Seyval Blanc, Bianca, Sibera, Ortega, Regent, Rondo, Leon Milot. CURRENTLY THE JUTRZENKA VARIETY PROVIDES WINES THAT THE PLACE HAS BECOME THE MOST FAMOUS FOR. The vineyard is now half a hectare big, but there are already plans to duble its size and create a bead and breakfast for visiting enotourists.

Saint Roch Vineyard

Saint Roch Vineyard logo Photo credit: Winnica Sw. Roch

  • Highlights: the place is very close to the RZESZÓW CITY, where you can visit: Rzeszów Castle, The Main Square (old town) or Art Nouveau villas (city centre)

4. Golesz Vineyard, website

  • Accommodation – NO
  • Wine tasting – YES

The name of the vineyard refers to the nearby ruins of the Golesz Castle that has played an important role in the medieval history of the nearby city of Jasło. Currently, about seven thousand vine bushes cover here an area of two hectares. Importantly, next to the vineyard there is a large vine nursery and a wine cellar. THE MAIN ACTIVITY OF THE VINEYARD IS RESEARCH AND TASTING OF NEW VINE VARIETIES in terms of suitability to Polish climate.

Viev an the vineyard. Photo credit: KarpackiSzlakWina

  • Highlights: the place is well known for its research regarding vine varieties and publications regarding the topic of wine-making, therefore, people interested in starting their own vineyard may find here many interesting information; since 2009 wines coming from this vineyard WIN EVERY YEAR MULTIPLE AWARDS.

5. The Castle Vineyard, website

  • Accommodation – YES
  • Wine tasting – YES

The Zamkowa or Castle Vineyard takes its name after the nearby Kamieniec Castle ruins, that are a landmark of this area. The vines grown here include: Leon Millot, Solaris and Hibernal. Wines produced here are already widely recognisable and you may find them is several local shops. Wine tasting takes place in a large and beautiful room and includes stories about the place and INFORMATION ABOUT WINE MAKING PROCESSES AND WINE SERVING-RULES.

Zamkowa - Castle Wines

Zamkowa – Castle Wines Photo credit: http://www.winnicazamkowa.pl

  • Highlights: While visiting the place you may wish to see the ruins of Kamieniec Castle; wines from here hold altogether: 11 GOLD, 8 SILVER 7 BRONZE MEDALS; The place is only 10 minutes drive from the famous Glass Heritage Centre where visitors can actively participate in the process of glass production and decoration.

6. Jasiel Vineyard, website

  • Accommodation – YES
  • Wine tasting – YES

Before the vineyard expanded and gain a recognition it was “just” a lovely home vine-garden. After few years of learning ways of wine making, unexpected success and positive reviews encouraged the owners to develop their own vineyard. They decided to build a large basement, and soon after bought more land. The surroundings of the new area have been developed to give the whole place a truly amazing look. Established in 2010, the only terrace vineyard in Podkarpackie became A PLACE OF EXCEPTIONAL AESTHETIC VALUE. Currently, Elwira and Wiktor Szpak are focused on making the place “a haven for enotourist”.

Touring Jasiel vineyard with owner, Mr. Szpak. Poland Culinary Vacations 2019

Winnica Jasiel at Dni Wina Festival in Jaslo

Jasiel wine at Dni Wina Festival in Jaslo, Subcarpathia region of Poland

  • Highlights: Only 15 minutes drive from the place you may visit “Carpathian Troy” – an archaeological site (with an open-air museum) that was built as early as over 4000 years ago!; Only 2 kilometres from the vineyard you may take horse riding lessons at Huzar. 

7. Widokowa vineyard, website

  • Accommodation – NO, but there is many neighbouring bead and breakfast places
  • Wine tasting – YES

The “Widokowa” vineyard (“A Vineyard with a View”) is a perfect place for anyone who is searching for a moment of rest in nature.THIS LITTLE PARADISE IS LOCATED ON PICTURESQUE HILLS OVER-VIEWING THE FAMOUS Bieszczadzkie Połoniny during the day, and after dark you could enjoy a flare of night-light from the Iwonicz Zdrój, Krosno or Jedlicze city. The place is located 470 meters above sea level, so here you “may taste”  the fresh air one may imagine. Widokowa is a 100% family-run place that invites you to visit and try delicious wine all year round.

polish wines wine tasting bieszczady widokowa

Award winning wines from Widokowa.

polish wines wine tasting bieszczady widokowa the view polish mountains holiday

The amazing view from Widokowa winery.

  • Highlights: This vineyard lies in the heart of the Bieszczadzki Park Narodowy so if you are a nature lover, that loves hiking, mountain baking or wish to meet a bear you should most definitely visit the place!

Poland Culinary Vacations offers private, small-group wine tours to Podkarpackie – Subcarpathian region and other wine regions of Poland. Please check out our “Five Days with Polish Wines” itineraries for some ideas and give us a call or email to schedule your exciting wine adventure in Poland!

Na zdrowie! – Cheers! & Do zobaczenia w Podkarpackiem! – See you in Subcarpathia!